Star Academy: Léa to the angels, she announces the good news to her subscribers

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Two months after the last Star Academy Prime, the talented Léa has surprising news to tell us.

  Star Academy: Léa to the angels, she announces the good news to her subscribers

In the fall of 2022, the public had the pleasure of seeing the great return of Star Academy . Indeed, this absolutely cult show of the 2000s had ceased its broadcast for many years. As well, the reopening of the Château de Dammarie-lès-Lys immersed everyone in enthusiasm, but also a certain nostalgia. In effect, many adults have grown up watching this show . And this year, the cast has seduced the viewers. Nevertheless, after six weeks of competition, it was Anisha who took the victory . But that does not prevent other academicians from accomplishing great things. And certainly not the beautiful Léa, who very quickly knew how to impose herself on social networks.

Half-hearted beginnings for Léa

Nevertheless, during the early days of Star Academy , all did not seem to win in advance for Leah . Like many other candidates, the latter sometimes let herself be won over by a rather immature behavior. These clumsiness in some classes earned him several reprimands. Moreover, on social networks, some Internet users have had violent exchanges about it.

Thus, on Twitter, some fans d'Anisha did not hesitate to accuse Lea of ​​harassment . Conversely, others felt that Léa played the role of the real Diva in Star Academy. His strong character has therefore earned him as much admiration as criticism. But he also allowed him to stay in competition for a long time . Finally dismissed in the semi-finals, the candidate has never stopped talking about her since her release.

Star Academy: Tiana and Léa, finally reunited

During this adventure, Léa quickly found a sidekick , in the person of Tiana. Throughout Star Academy, the two young girls seemed inseparable. However, the latter had the chance to sign with a prestigious record label : Indifference Prod . Indeed, by joining this agency, Tiana registered her name alongside the biggest stars like Vitaa, Maître Gims or Slimane .

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But now, Léa will also be part of this beautiful record company . A great news that his fans have been waiting for a long time. And that who leaked this scoop is none other than Saïd Boussif. If you followed Star Academy 2022 , this name must evoke something for you. Indeed, it is the manager of Camélia Jordana. During the program, he had taken the time to come and meet the academicians, as part of a masterclass .

Sure, Léa quickly relayed the information in story , to the delight of his fans. We should therefore quickly find the beautiful alongside her friend Tiana, on new musical projects . But other academicians have had the chance to seize new opportunities. And this, even if they did not win the Star Academy. Thus, Louis, among the last finalists, had the chance to come out a piece written by Slimane .

Finally, if you are one of the i unconditional of the issue , know that it should make its big comeback in 2023. And this time, Star Academy should last well over six weeks…

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