Stéphane Bern balances an unexpected truth about Brigitte Macron and Camilla, new queen consort!

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The complicity between the new Queen of England and our First Lady does not escape Stéphane Bern. He comments on this intriguing friendship.

  Stéphane Bern

To the great surprise of the public, Stéphane Bern, the specialist in history and the monarchy reveals a truth about Brigitte Macron and the new queen consort Camilla. According to this great historian, the two ladies like each other very much. Which leads us to think that they may have common causes.

Stéphane Bern knows more, and tells us everything!

The great historians took out their lenses to follow closely the attitudes of the great personalities Following the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II. The specialists of the crowned heads give their opinion on the new king and his wife.

Stéphane Bern is also one of them. This great French historian knows a lot about it. It reveals some rather interesting news.

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Camilla, the second wife of King Charles III, had difficulty being accepted by her family. But she is not discouraged. She does everything to win the hearts of the English. For this, she decided to defend good causes in the United Kingdom.

Camilla has personally committed to helping victims of sexual violence and in favor of animal welfare through the Emmaüs UK association. But what especially retains us on the words of Stéphane Bern, during an interview in Paris Match , it is the sympathy between the French First Lady and the New Queen of England .

Camilla and Brigitte Macron would they have become friends?

When new faces appear in the world of the principality and the story , Stéphane Bern never misses and comes close. He conducts his little investigation to find out a little more.

In the case of Camilla and Brigitte Macron, Stéphane Bern made it clear in his interview that they did not need a long speech to sympathize .

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The two great ladies seem to appreciate each other well beyond the protocols. Questions arise. Do they have common interests to appreciate each other so much?

The historian did not specify on the subject, but he insisted on their “immediate sympathy”. Moreover, it is not only between the ladies, the roi Charles III is already planning a first diplomatic visit to our Head of State. A visit that, without a doubt, will delight their wives.

Revelation by Stéphane Bern!

Stéphane Bern reveals in Paris Match , the big one sympathy between Brigitte Macron and Camilla. Both are the wives of two heads of state. The question is why.

It intrigues people a lot. Since apparently, they have nothing in common except their public status. This status brought them closer together as social events and diplomatic trips often brought them together.

The two women often face criticism over their status . Brigitte Macron, who is still criticized for her age difference with her husband. While on her side, the new queen consort, the second spouse of King Charles III and all its history which is no longer to be remembered.

Who knows ? Maybe they bonded because of those malicious remarks about them. Both victims of public judgment . Stéphane Bern speculates on these reasons. Either way, they are both icons for their country. They have roughly the same title. And it may also be for a good cause that they appreciate each other so much.