Stéphane les 12 coups de midi teases Zette following an error in an answer

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It is always with great kindness that the midday master Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) took Zette back on an error.

  Stéphane les 12 coups de midi teases Zette following an error in an answer

For almost twelve years now, the 12 noon shots have animated the TF1 channel every noon. This program also has very good audiences which do not seem to predict the end of this program right away. It must be said that this program remains in a cultural way and above all filled with good humor. It owes a lot to the animator Jean-Luc Reichmann who has a smile and a very contagious laugh . But, this show wouldn't be the same without the voiceover, Zette. The latter has a personality in its own right and gives explanations. But, recently, Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) took it over after an error . We'll explaine everything here.

Les 12 coups de midi, a good-humored program

Indeed, for already twelve years, every noon of the week is brightened up by the cultural program les 12 coups de midi. In the latter, we find candidates, as well as a champion, putting it on at noon. But in addition, there is of course the public and the soul of the show, a well-found duo. It is of course about Jean-Luc Reichmann and his sidekick Zette . Indeed, if the role of the facilitator remains to ask the questions, Zette allows you to know more precisely the answers of the latter.

And by dint of participation, the midday master , Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi), ended up getting along with Zette as well. So inevitably, when he hears an error from this voice that normally knows everything, he takes it back . And that, he did not miss this Tuesday. So that gave room for a little tease from the midday master for Zette.

Stéphane (The 12 strokes of noon)

It must be said that for Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi), the participations are linked. The latter, which made its first appearance at the end of August, never left its place again. So, at first, it seemed difficult for him. Because beyond remaining the midday master, he is also a father and a worker. And normal life, and that of filming can sometimes seem difficult to reconcile . But, ultimately, he ended up taking the role to heart. This allows him to accumulate many participations and a pot of almost 500,000 euros .

So inevitably, the question of whether or not Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) has taken the big head arises. Thus, journalists decided to go to his home. Over there, the latter to show his “ cars ” and has received our colleagues… barefoot . Obviously, as far as the big head is concerned, it will still be necessary to iron. Especially since the interview has barely begun, the latter apologizes for not really knowing what to say.

Zette's mistake

But if Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) does not really know what to say to journalists, when Zette makes a mistake, there are people there. Indeed, this scene took place at the end of a second round, the Blow by Blow. If therefore Zette's job remains to give more details on subjects, it seems that this time she did not master it . Indeed, Zette shifted “that Ulysses was a Lancia brand car ”. But for the midday master, there is an error .

Indeed, Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) quickly caught up and declared that Zette was wrong. He begins by saying that it does not remain the right brand, and that the right one seems to be Fiat. But, the host calms things down and tells the midday master that “ You speak a little too quickly ”. But Stéphane does not seem ready to admit defeat. Finally, faced with the determination of the midday master, there was indeed a verification. And he was right ! Zette therefore confessed her mistake with a laugh, to which the midday master told her ' Zette, it's the last time! . Eventually, even mistakes end in a good mood.

A story that lasts for Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi)

Thus, with such an atmosphere on the set, we can understand that Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) does not want to leave his place. And he doesn't seem ready to leave her. However, few people seemed to bet on the worker that he is. Moreover, he the first seems surprised at the knowledge he has. He had all the same confided to Télé Loisirs that his culture, he has it thanks to television . And if he continues like this for more than a month, he will have passed the former noon master Paul El Kharrat.

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