Stéphane les 12 coups de midi: the favored midday master? Internet users go wild

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On January 8, 2023, Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) won his 141st victory. A victory that has questioned internet users.

  Stéphane les 12 coups de midi: the favored midday master? Internet users go wild

Saturday August 20, 2022, Stéphane became the master of the “12 noon shots” . Since then, he hasn't stopped winning. To date, he has already won 544,643 euros in winnings, including discovering 5 mysterious stars. Despite his many victories, Stéphane ( The 12 strokes of noon ) is not unanimous among Internet users. For good reason, they find that champion questions were much easier than those of its competitor.

Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi): from the factory to TV

The cult game hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann allowed Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) to make a name . Originally from Haut-Marne, he entered the famous game from TF1 on August 20, 2022.

Now the father is in the Top 5 of the ranking of the greatest champions of the show 'The 12 strokes of noon' . An honor for the factory worker. As a reminder, Stéphane did not believe in living such an adventure. His town of Eclaron, near Saint-Dizier, is also proud of her career .

There the champion became a real star with the locals , delighted to admire it every day on the small screen. You should know that Stephane has seen his life change since his media coverage .

“I would never have imagined living such a thing, I still do not realize …”, he confided in the columns of the Journal de la Haute-Marne.

The father of the family no longer goes unnoticed in the streets . Fans of “12 coups de midi” request it all the time.

'I find it less easy to do what I did before, it gives me great pleasure to see people who come to talk to me and greet me, but we are not prepared for that', he assured, before promising never to abuse his presence in the spotlight.

He emphasized by saying:

'I've never put myself forward too much, even now, I don't want to report on my notoriety'

Despite everything, the midday master take advantage of his notoriety . Although, this notoriety in question does not also have only good sides.

Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi): accused of being advantaged

On social networks, Stéphane ( The 12 strokes of noon ) often subject to criticism . Internet users even accuse him of to be favored by the production . Sunday January 8, 2023, the principal concerned earned his 141ᵉ victory , defeating Sebastian in the Fatal Blow.

This victory, internet users are convinced that he did not deserve it . For good reason, Stéphane's questions are much easier than those of his competitor. Faced with the question: “What do the Japanese do when they say very loudly “HAKUSHON”” for example, Sébastien did not find the answer .

As for Stéphane, Jean-Luc Reichmann asked him “What salty liquid flows from your eyes when you cry? '. As a response, he said 'Tears' instead of 'Tear fluid' (which was the correct answer) .

On the other hand, the host of the '12 noon shots' accepted Stephane's answer . Outraged, internet users reacted on Twitter. You can also read:

'It's still a joke, from the 1st to the last round, the difference in difficulty of the questions between those asked to Stéphane and those asked to his challengers, seriously', 'I don't understand why we asked him the 5 questions at the end??? Should have given him the money directly given the level of the questions! “Or” It is so obvious that Reichmann and TF1 advantage their noon champion during the duel. »

Jean-Luc Reichmann defends Stéphane

Besides the fact that he is criticized for being privileged by the production , other Internet users criticize Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) his behavior with his opponents . Indeed, each time he drops another candidate, the midday master launches into a frenzied dance on the hit 'The Jerk' by Thierry Hazard.

A reaction translated to provocation and disrespect for some people. For Jean-Luc Reichmann , the champion is only savoring his victory. While he published an excerpt from his show on his Instagram account, the host did not hesitate at all to reply to a user who openly attacked Stéphane.

“Jean-Luc, you found him where the midday master. If we take away his huge strokes of luck, he is worth nothing. Already 10 tries before a selection and it does not shock anyone. Can't wait for him to leave, he's getting everyone drunk, ”said the internet user.

On his side, Jean-Luc Reichmann replied saying :

“Hello Dan. Don't hesitate to register to play with us! Happy Holidays to you and those you love. JLR you're welcome...'

Answer praised by many people .

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