Stéphane Plaza in mourning: his heartbreaking and moving text for the woman of his life!

modified: 2022-09-13 21:08:01

On September 12, 2022, Stéphane Plaza announced bad news to his community! The news breaks his heart!

  Stephane Plaza

Stéphane Plaza, a great character in the world of television revealed a moving story to his fans! The latter wanted to highlight memories with the person he loved the most in the world. In the following lines, discover the details!

Stéphane Plaza: Who is this great character?

Stéphane Plaza is known for his popularity on screen. For years, he launched his career as as a television host . In addition, the latter plays a major role in the production of certain well-known programs. What is the program that made him famous?

This great character is a real estate agent in the show Apartment search . As a reminder, this is a program broadcast on the channel M6 . This is a home sale in which future owners embark on the discovery of several properties. This in order to find one that will be the house of their dreams.

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Indeed, this program targets the ultimate need of families or couples: a beautiful and large luxury house! Especially since the show fulfills the wish of each household to find their own dream house . Stéphane Plaza is the first actor to connect the program and the needs of future owners!

So far, the show remains in the center of viewers' attention . In the program, some families also set requirements before starting their discovery. Indeed, the television host occupies a great task to start this program of the public.

The presenter of the program revealed his heartbreaking memory on the network!

Recently, Stéphane Plaza revealed his great sadness to his community d'Instagram. A dark day for those who constantly display their smile in front of the camera! The question arises: what is the reason for his disappointment?

In June 2016, the disappearance of his mother upset this TV host a lot! Since the death of his late mother, Stéphane Plaza was no longer on his plate. On the other hand, the latter always kept his immense sorrow in his heart.

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Stephane Plaza in porte this heavy burden since the departure of Christiane, her adored mother! the presenter Apartment Search loyalist described the bad news in the Magazine gala! A terrible shock for him and his family!

Now, his wound deep inside him is not cured yet! Stéphane Plaza has also posted a large text dedicated to Christiane on the occasion of her birthday. Indeed, we can say that the latter still celebrates the experiences and the good times shared with his reason for living!

Stéphane Plaza: A long moving message addressed to his loving mother!

On the occasion of his birthday party, Stéphane Plaza paid tribute to the one who gave him life! A big thank you to Christiane for the good times and the memories she left behind.

Indeed, the host wrote a text dedicated to the woman of his life! A gorgeous proof of love !

Upset by this situation, fans of Stéphane Plaza supported him strongly. Especially since the latter shared his immense sadness with his community.

Know that this great character of the television still experience a feeling of abandonment face to face with the tragic absence of his mother!