Stéphane Rotenberg: his daughter Emma Rotenberg, sublime on Instagram!

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Iconic presenter of M6, Stéphane Rotenberg is also a father. He is also the proud father of a 25-year-old girl.

  Stéphane Rotenberg: his daughter Emma Rotenberg, sublime on Instagram!

Stephane Rotenberg is well known for being the head of the famous show “ Beijing Express » . But beyond his job as a presenter, the fifty-year-old has a very important role in his life , that of the father of a family. A secret garden that he wants to preserve at all costs since Stéphane Rotenberg is very discreet when it comes to revealing his private life . However, we know that the presenter has a 25-year-old daughter named Emma. Who is this last one? We tell you all about it in this article.

Stéphane Rotenberg: who is his wife Nathalie Pisibon?

Stephane Rotenberg has been at the helm of “Top Chef” since 2010 , M6's successful culinary competition. The presenter decided to turn the show into a bistro, inviting some of the candidates the most emblematic of the program .

In addition to his projects with 'Top Chef', Stéphane Rotenberg hosted the sixteenth edition of “Beijing Express” in 2022 . Despite this large number of projects, Stéphane Rotenberg still manages to find time to spend with his daughter Emma , and his wife Nathalie Pisibon. As a reminder, the latter grew up in Paris.

Attending a high school in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, she joined the EFAP, the French School of Press Officers, to three-year training . She then specialized in the field of sport and worked for automotive publishers.

In 1999, she became assembly manager at Reservoir Prod, a company created by the late Jean-Luc Delarue, then joined the M6 ​​group as head of music projects , entertainment, magazine and documentary. Nathalie Pisibon is now director of programs and producer of the M6 ​​group.

Their daughter Emma, ​​passionate about fashion

Nathalie Pisibon and Stephane Rotenberg had a daughter together, named Emma . Born in 1997, Emma Rotenberg is now a beautiful young woman. The young woman looks a lot like her famous father: same blond hair, same round eyes and same straight nose .

The host's daughter has been a model since her early teens . But in addition to having walked the catwalks, Emma was also able to become a stylist. In 2018, Stéphane Rotenberg's daughter even launched her own brand called Rowen Rose, a mix according to her “between Prada and Céline” as Gala pointed out.

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Very invested in her professional career, the young woman never hesitates to stage his own models wearing them and posting them on social media herself. And the least we can say is that this young passionate hit hard in the fashion world since her outfits are sold all over the world and at exorbitant prices!

Beyoncé has even worn one of her pieces before. Stéphane Rotenberg, very proud of his daughter, does not miss an opportunity to praise the merits of his daughter .

“My heroine is my daughter Emma. She surprises me more every day. I find her brilliant, talented, courageous, attentive to others... And the list of her qualities is still long  ! “, he confided to Télé Star in 2018.

Stéphane Rotenberg: the love life of his daughter Emma

The young Emma Rotenberg lives happy days in the arms of her darling , Jules-Arthur Sastre. Like his companion, the young man is not afraid to take charge: with two companies to his credit, he is a successful entrepreneur .

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Between the daughter of Stéphane Rotenberg and the beautiful brown, it's a story that lasts! In reality, the couple celebrated 9 years of relationship in August 2022 . On social networks, the two lovebirds do not hesitate to pose together, showing themselves to be happier and more in love than ever s.

South are compte Instagram Moreover, the young woman regularly shares photos of the man who makes his heart beat for all these years. Traveling, at work, at parties with friends, or even just walking down the street, lovebirds are literally inseparable and flaunt daily in each other's arms .

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