Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson Kicka a Bodybuilder Hard in the Calf

Houston, you have an issue.

Bodybuilder Houston Jones isn’t simply a professional athlete and YouTuber; he’s likewise a glutton for penalty. After taking a series of harsh kicks to his hamstrings from expert fighter Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in a viral video in 2015, Jones set out to redeem himself by taking on the MMA powerhouse once again and getting punched consistently in the abs. And now, since obviously he declines to find out any type of lesson, Jones is subjecting himself to a lot more leg kicks from Thompson– this time, to the calf.

” How much power can you provide me prior to your shin breaks?” He asks Thompson at the top of the video, describing the time they needed to cut one of their Jackass– esque workouts brief as the UFC pro was establishing discomfort and had a battle showing up.

To begin, Wonderboy shows precisely how harsh this circumstance is going to be for Jones’ body, by providing a full-power roundhouse kick to a cushioned guard– which still extremely almost handles to knock Jones to the mat. He kicks Jones without a guard, beginning low, on what he considers 15 percent of his complete power.

” Why does it seem like I have a little ball forming in my calf?” Jones asks.

” It’s the muscle securing itself,” states Thompson. “But you signed the waiver, so whatever’s great.”

He goes up to 50 percent power for his next kick, and Jones quickly is up to the flooring. “I farted,” he states, sheepishly, although Thompson guarantees him that’s an absolutely “natural response.”

By the time Thompson reaches 75 percent of his complete strength, Jones is blurting some quite primal-sounding screams. He’s likewise curious regarding how his foot remains in a lot discomfort, when that isn’t where he’s getting kicked.

” It’s the nerves, it’s all linked,” states Thompson. “Your foot will most likely go numb.”

” It’s great,” Jones demonstrations. “Just do not touch it once again, OK?”

Two weeks later on, Jones offers an upgrade on how he is recuperating from the experience. While much of the bruising and staining in his calf has actually recovered, he confesses that his foot is still extremely tender. “My ankle movement is quite shit today,” he states. “Should I be worried?”

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