Striker: what impact on your pay slip if you go on strike?

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To strike is a right. During the strike, is a striker's salary suspended? Answers in this article.

  Striker: what impact on your pay slip if you go on strike?

This Thursday, January 19, 2023, the trade unions call for a broad mobilization against the pension reform . As we write to you, a strike is still going on. As this reform particularly concerns employees, many of them took part in the demonstration . What will be the consequences ?

Since France is a democratic country, as long as the strikers do not disturb the public order , there will be no repression. On the other hand, given that during the strike, a striking worker stops working , won't there be repercussions on his salary? We will answer you in the rest of this article.

Pension reform: a change contested by the French

Already what is at stake in this reform . The point that is certain and also the one that is most disputed is the postponement of the legal retirement age. Currently, the starting age is 62 . Emmanuel Macron's reform plans to retire at age 64 .

Relayed by Planet on October 31, 2022, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron declared :

'If we want to succeed, if we want to move forward, we have no choice but to work harder.'

However, this change is contested by French citizens . Relayed by the Planet information site, published on January 9, 2023, the Huffington Post did a survey. According to their latest survey, 70% of French people reject the new legal retirement age .

Since January 19 until now, workers are on strike . What are the consequences of the strike for a striking employee?

The financial consequences of the strike for an employee

The protest is underway, if you want to get involved, it is important to know what the consequences will be . Already in general a strike is the fact of stopping work and making demands. In the case of the strike that is currently underway, the unions claim the non-applicability of the new legal age of departure .

The impact of the strike for a striking employee is the fact that his salary decreases . The salary of a striker drops, because the time that he goes on strike is deducted from his working hours . The Centre-Presse information site, published on January 19, 2023, recalls the reduction rule.

'The deduction from the remuneration of the striking employee must be proportional to the duration of his work stoppage'.

This is the rule for private sector employees. For the civil service, the deduction depends on the civil servant's status. The more important position you hold, the greater the restraint . The Centre-Presse sites gave an example:

“For State agents, for example, the deduction follows the rule of the indivisible thirtieth: for each day or even for each fraction of a day not worked, 1/30th of the monthly salary is not paid. »

The rights and obligations of the employer towards a striking employee

As going on strike is a right, during the strike, the employer cannot temporarily replace the striking employee . Temporarily means here, the boss cannot hire a staff for a CDD (fixed term contract) just to replace the striking employee . Nevertheless, he can make a CDI (contract of indefinite duration) even during the strike period.

During the strike, the striking employee's employment contract is suspended, but not terminated. How to go on strike is a right and being non-striker is a choice . For employees who do not participate in the strike, the work continues. Moreover, the employer has an obligation to provide work to non-striking employees .

Here is the pension reform is contested and this is followed by a strike . The employment contract of a striking employee is suspended. As a result, his salary is withheld. On the other hand, there is an exception, the Centre-Presse site has stipulated:

'The employer must pay the striker's salary in only one case: the strike originated in a serious and deliberate breach by the company'.

Now that you know the risks, it's up to you, if you want to take part in the strike against the pension reform .

Source : CentrePresseaveyron