Stromae: his wife reveals a before / after to celebrate their 9-year relationship

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As a couple for almost 10 years, Stromae and Coralie love each other like the first day. The discreet lovers have proven it with a publication.

  Stromae: his wife reveals a before / after to celebrate their 9-year relationship

In terms of relationships, Stromae and his wife Coralie Barbier are exceptions in the artistic world . Indeed, despite the media coverage and the arrival of a child, the couple holds firm against all odds !

As a reminder, the two lovebirds have been together for 9 years . And guess what, they don't seem to be letting up any time soon. Literally saw the adorable snaps the singer's wife posted. We take stock.

Stromae and Coralie, an adorable couple

To live happily, is it better to live hidden? It is certainly not Stromae and Coralie Barbier who will say the opposite. For good reason, in terms of happiness, the two celebrities are clearly not at all to complain about .

Indeed, in a relationship for almost a decade, the two lovers love each other like at first sight . At least that's what we can see in the stylist's latest post on her Instagram account.

As a reminder, on February 2, 2023, the wife of Stromae shared two photos of them hugging . The first shot was taken in November 2022 while the second in January 2014. How adorable they are!

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Despite the passing years, nothing seems to get the better of their love . Moreover, this love that overflows from their eyes has not escaped internet users. These latter did not fail to compliment them through comments.

“You are an adorable couple”, “We wish you the best”, “You are magnificent”, “Best couple”, “Go love”, “The most beautiful”, can we read in particular.

Note that another detail impressed subscribers in addition to the apparent complicity of Stromae with his wife. This is of course the physical evolution of lovers. Indeed, despite the fact that almost 9 years separate the shots, it's like nothing has changed .

When Stromae believed 'tipped into madness'

If the couple formed by Stromae and Coralie Barbier lasts over time, their relationship has not been a long calm river either . Remember, in 2016, when he was at the height of his glory, Paul Van Haven of his real name announced a break.

Sick, Stromae had to take a break from his singing career. Fans will remember that it was when he was on tour in Africa that he received treatment for malaria . The side effects had been terrible according to the artist.

“Today, I am susceptible to anxiety attacks. I have had to go back to the hospital urgently. I have few regrets in my life, but if I could go back and avoid taking Lariam, I would. I thought I had gone mad, ”he recalled during an interview with Marianne in March 2022.

The “Hell” singer went on to say:

“After 150 dates, I was flat. I couldn't stand my anti-malaria treatment, it gave me hallucinations. I was diagnosed with psychic decompensation. I could have done something stupid, I was no longer myself. »

If several years after this dark period Stromae has deserted the musical universe , he devoted himself to other things. Starting with his role as a father. Indeed, his wife, whom he married in 2015, gave birth to a baby boy in 2018.

True to themselves, his parents did not want to reveal his first name . How is Stromae doing as a father? Well, he would be an “omnipresent dad”, even “Great” !

“I strive to do my best”

For Stromae, being a father is not so obvious, he who had a not very pleasant childhood in this regard . The singer also talked about it at length during his interview with Paris Match published in March 2022.

“One day when I was driving with my son, he asked me to listen to “Papaoutai”. There, I felt like a huge spatio-temporal rupture, ”he recalled.

For his part, the new dad try to move forward , without relying on its difficult and painful past. Conversely, he gives his all to the education of his son .

“I have been a father for such a short time!” he exclaimed. In any case, I try to discover this life in a way that is completely free from everything, to have no preconceptions about anything, and I try to do my best, like everyone else, I think, trying to free myself from my personal wounds, ”he said in the columns of the magazine.

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