Super U: a brand store stripped of 14,000 euros by a cashier

modified: 2022-12-25 14:22:02

A cashier at the Super U store in La Verpillère north of Grenoble has embezzled 14,000 euros since September. Here is his method.

  Super U: a brand store stripped of 14,000 euros by a cashier

For months this woman embezzled money from the store she works . His employers didn't even realize the trick she did . It was only a few months after Super U store officials noticed something was wrong . Of course, they alerted the police. The cashier admitted the facts. But a question persists, how did she made to swindle the 14,000 euros ? We reveal all to you in this article.

Super U: fake refunds

If she wasn't stopped in time, this cashier might have stolen much more than that amount with his technique. A technique that has worked for a long time since she started the scam since September 2022 .

To avoid getting caught, the Super U cashier only chose products whose price was above 50 euros . She scanned them as that customer refund .

According to information from the Dauphiné, confirmed by the Vienne prosecutor's office to actu Grenoble, she credited this amount to her personal account . Indeed, this woman decided to open three bank accounts in her name and which were precisely used for her false reimbursements.

No one suspected him. But at times, Super U store management found that refunds were more and more frequent . She then decided to act.

Super U: the gendarmes have been summoned

Alerted by the management of the store, the gendarmes of the La Verpillière brigade investigated “too many” refunded products. And it must be said that their investigations have borne fruit.

For good reason, they quickly discovered that the cashier had recently opened three bank accounts devoted to her scam. Thus, at the beginning of December, she was arrested and admitted the facts .

The Super U store terminated his employment contract . That's not all ! The woman will have to go to court to answer for her actions in March 2023. This will take place in Vienna.

A popular technique

You should know that this is not the first time that this kind of situation has happened in a store. This time the deception did not take place in a Super U store , but in a Le Mans hypermarket.

Her name is Mireille and was 57 at the time of the incident. As a reminder, the affair took place between January 2011 and August 2013. In all, the fifty-year-old misappropriated exactly 54,790 euros .

Like this Super U cashier, she claimed fake refunds . However, it had made cash refunds of products supposed to have been brought back by fictitious customers, as reported by Ouest-France.

First, Mireille had selected a whole series of barcodes of items sold on the shelves. Then, she made cash refunds for these products. The cashier pretends to her employee that dissatisfied customers demanded refunds .

The amounts were always below 150 euros , sum from which the agreement of a manager is necessary.

A pressure cooker caused his downfall

Everything worked wonderfully. His employers saw only fire . For many months, Mireille's scam was going as she had planned. But his inattention gradually alerted management .

There have been unusually high numbers of automotive battery returns. However, these batteries were not in store inventory. Ultimately, she got caught because of a pressure cooker worth 99.90 euros.

Mireille was caught in the act, when she had just hidden under her box the sum corresponding to this fictitious return. She first denied the facts unlike the Super U cashier before telling the truth. According to him, the fifty-year-old had money problems . But if she did what she did, it was because she gave in to the urge to live comfortably.

Sentenced to 18 months in prison

To Mirei later retracted her confession and claimed she caved under pressure from investigators. She then claimed that the 40,000 euros which had passed through her bank account came from payments made by his sister .

Unfortunately for her, the cashier was sentenced to eighteen months in prison suspended. In addition to her conviction, she should reimburse the store.

Source : Yahoo