Supermarket: product recall of jams that should not be consumed in France, the stores concerned!

modified: 2022-09-19 23:01:02

Four jars of jam sold everywhere in France are the subject of a product recall! If you have any in your refrigerator, avoid consuming them!

  product recall

Another product recall that you absolutely must take into account! For this time, it is a staple of the French breakfast. Sold throughout France, four jars of jam seem to be harmful to health. Have you planned to buy this delicious looking food? It would be better to go back! Find out now the details you need to know about this product that is currently subject to a recall!

Product recall: The jams made by this brand have been the subject of an alert!

Nowadays, more and more products get alerted ! Recently, the must-have desserts such as chocolate marshmallows or creams ice creams have been the subject of a product recall. And now the jam is talking about it in turn!

Jam is one of the most popular foods consumed during breakfast! Many prefer it on a slice of toasted bread. While others enjoy this delight on creams.

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However, you have to be very careful because raspberry jams of the 'LE JARDIN DE LYDIE' brand no longer seem to be consumable.

Sold in their own shops as well as at resellers , consumers have complained about the presence of worms in raspberries!

What products are affected?

In this product recall, four jars of jams are concerned ! This specifically includes the flavor Raspberry : Blueberry/raspberry/violet as well as melon/apricots/raspberry. These have also been marketed since 08/01/2022.

We present to you below the lots that are affected by the recall! So there is the Raspberry Myrtille Violette batch in 250gr: 01/08/2024 17:12; 03/08/2024 16:20; 01/09/2024 12:18.

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The Violet Blueberry Raspberry in 50gr is also included! Here are its batches: 08/29/2024 12:46, date of minimum durability between 08/01/2024 and 08/29/2024.

It should also be noted that the product recall affects Lot Raspberry SS 03/08/2024 16.41; 03/08/2024 16:52! Raspberry Jelly in 250gr: 23/08/2024 10:54, the favorite of consumers , was also not spared!

Product recall: Here are the precautions to take if you have one at home!

Do you have a few jars of these jams left in your fridge? Well, here are the best moves you can take.

The most important detail is obviously not to consume any more. Then contact the consumer service to get rid of these recalled foods product !

No need to remind you that the items cited in product recalls have been alerted for a good reason. Most of them are motivated by risk for the health .

That said, it's always best to refer to booster guides. food before consuming certain products!