Supermarkets: from March, you will pay more for your shopping

modified: 2023-01-09 22:42:04

When shopping, the French have become accustomed to monitoring supermarket prices. But the worst is yet to come.

  Supermarkets: from March, you will pay more for your shopping

The inflation that hit France in 2022 was 5.9% last December. But 2023 also seems to be taking the same path. Whereas many households are already experiencing tough month-ends , the rise in prices is expected to reach a new peak next March. But how to explain this future price increase? Why supermarkets will have to sell their products more and more expensive ? The Foozine team takes stock, to help you see more clearly.

Manufacturers must pass on their costs

L’inflation a a huge impact on our lives . The first increases observed this year primarily concerned gas, electricity and fuel prices. But finally, all those rising bills ended up hitting commodity prices . And this situation ends up having direct consequences in supermarkets.

Given this context, food manufacturers have had to adapt . And their fees have experienced an unprecedented surge. Thus, the Cofigeo group (Panzani, William Saurin, Roquelaure, etc.) has thus indicated a closure of its activity for one month. In question ? Energy bills spiraling out of control . And many manufacturers, suppliers of our supermarkets are experiencing the same difficulties. Some references are becoming rarer and more expensive to produce. Result ? During checkout, you can buy fewer and fewer items si on n'augmente pas son budget. Faced with this crisis , customers have only one choice: to adapt. Of our time, hunt for unnecessary expenses is done on a daily basis.

Supermarkets: sector experts expect a very difficult month of March

Not long ago, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, boss of Leclerc stores had already spoken of a 'tsunami' in 2023 . In question ? The numerous requests for tariff renegotiations from manufacturers. However, to maintain their margins, supermarket chains do not like to buy their merchandise more than the bare minimum . However, in the face of the unprecedented situation that we are going through, the large distribution had to comply. Result ? These price increases will take effect with a slight delay. Clearly, the consumers will be able to feel the difference in March . Prices will therefore start to rise again.

Manufacturers have asked supermarkets for a 10 to 25% increase. A development that is likely to greatly displease customers . Especially since stores are also facing an increase in their operating costs. In effect, it is necessary to heat, to light the sales areas . But the need for energy is also felt in the fridges and freezers of the food sections.

The next few months are therefore announced difficult for the distribution sector . In addition, customers have much less patience than usual. From now on, only one thing counts: lowering the receipt at most. Thus, consumers no longer hesitate to turn to discount or destocking brands. But they have also got into the habit of comparing prices with a seasoned eye . Price per kilo, promotions, discounts… the French are no longer fooled by nice advertisements. For now, Leclerc stores are still doing very well , and remain number 1 in our country.

Source : The Dispatch