Supermarkets: some foods could be missing from the shelves in 2023

modified: 2023-01-18 12:14:02

The French are experiencing unprecedented inflation. But they might also have trouble finding certain products in supermarkets.

  Supermarkets: some foods could be missing from the shelves in 2023

For many months, rising prices are rampant in all areas . Energy, food, raw materials… For households, the bill continues to climb. But for companies, costs are exploding also. Result ? Some manufacturers have to reduce their activity. Like the Cofigeo group , which owns Panzani, Garbit and William Saurin. However, the consequences should soon be felt in supermarket shelves . It's not just about paying more for groceries. But good to see some items disappear from our stores. What products will be missing in 2023? We will explain everything to you.

Shortage: several factors explain this situation

In 2022, the French have experienced a lot of upheaval. Thus, according to INSEE, inflation reached 5.9% in December 2022 . And in the food sector, prices have seen very marked increases in our supermarkets . In question ? Rather murky international news, which had many effects on our economy . “The sequence we are facing is spectacular. There was an inflationary trend before the war in Ukraine that was linked to the economic boom of autumn 2021. Then there was the war, and now the current backdrop for everyone is the price of oil. 'energy. »

From spring 2022, consumers saw that jars of mustard or sunflower oil were missing in supermarkets . And due to the droughts of the past year, the problem could become even more serious. Indeed, for lack of more, some farmers do not have enough pasture for their herd. Which should lead to a shortage of red meat . “Either they will part with part of their livestock, or they will buy goods to feed the animals, but you have to have the means. »

Supermarkets: beware of rice and wheat shortages

The climatic context that we have experienced in recent months has greatly damaged rice cultivation . Indeed, this cereal needs a lot of water to grow. As well, rice increased by about 12% between September 2021 and today, in supermarkets. Nevertheless, a shortage could well occur by February or March 2023. Thus, Thierry Lievin, president of the French rice milling union , spoke for to alert on the subject in recent days. » There was a lack of water throughout the vegetative cycle of rice in all European countries (Italy, Spain, Greece). A decrease in yields of 20 to 25% on Community production is expected. »

Same observation on the side of flours , which could well become rare in our supermarkets. Indeed, the raging conflict in Ukraine has disrupted wheat exports . With Russia, this product accounts for 30% of world production for this cereal. According to the echoes , we should also expect to see chickpeas desert our shelves. A shortage already initiated in 2022, which should therefore intensify in the future. Same story for sunflower oil . Again, the cause is on the side of the drought that we have experienced in recent months.

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