Supermarkets: this unstoppable trick of brands to make you spend more, be careful!

modified: 2022-09-12 14:15:02

Did you know that it is possible to pay less at the supermarket checkout? Discover our methods to save more!


Almost all prices are currently increasing. In particular, the price of energies and food prices. It is therefore necessary to make savings the most possible. In this context, we have brought together in this article some tips which could be useful to you when shopping in the supermarkets .

The promotions offered in supermarkets are not always useful

Most families are used to shopping in supermarkets . However, once we get to these stores, we find it hard to resist the temptation.

Indeed, many tempting promotions are often offered on the shelves on different products. Who wouldn't want to go home with full baskets if the situation permits ?

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However, we advise you to always remain vigilant in the face of these promotions in supermarkets. It is indeed possible to be fooled. Truth be told, while many focus more on promotions with the aim of pay less , the opposite is the case.

In addition, supermarkets are implementing a technique marketing so that the clients spend more. So only take the products that are really essential to you when shopping.

Are all promotions effective for spending less?

Seeing the well-designed posters put up by the team marketing supermarkets, the Customers think they will save if they buy products on sale. However, it requires a lot more money.

Indeed, the promotions encourage customers to buy this or that product by large quantity . What exceeds their needs, their forecasts and of course, their budget t.

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While buyers think they are buying less thanks to the promotion , the truth is that the prices of products in promotion generally increase up to 30%.

In addition, according to a survey conducted by the NGO Foodwatch, some brands are reducing the quantity of their products. For other industries, it is the quality of the product offered, which is becoming more and more mediocre.

What are the pitfalls in supermarkets?

When we talk about supermarkets, we have to remember one thing: we are going to spend more than we planned. Let us take as an example a case of promotion, that of 2 bought, one free .

The technique is set up in order to make the customer pay twice the normal price by using as bait the third free item . The products offered in these promotions are also those with a short expiry date.

Thus, when you shop in supermarkets, avoid taking the products in large quantities offered in a promotion . Take just the amount you need. Also prepare in advance a listing items you are going to buy.

Don't buy other things. Also, plan a budget for your groceries, depending on your needs. Additionally, you can make a small price comparison between two brands in order to save more.