Supplementary pension: these seniors who will benefit from the increase planned for November 1!

modified: 2022-09-29 16:26:03

The increase in the supplementary pension will soon be effective. And this, for certain pensioners categorized as priority!


As a priority, a category of pensioners will receive an increase in supplementary pension this year. Moreover, the person in charge of this grant has already launched this press release through the media! Why should this percentage increase project matter? We reveal everything to you!

Supplementary pension: The project will be operational from November 1st!

This year, rising cost of living affects the social environment of French citizens, including retirees. Purchasing power is also one of the areas impacted on a daily basis. However, the State does not remain on the sidelines in the face of this situation of imbalance! How will he do to revalue the supplementary pension?

The government has therefore decided to set up a percentage increase balanced in alimony. And this only, in the case of pensioners who live in dire need. Among other things, this renewal is effective at the beginning of November 2022.

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As a reminder, every year retirees benefit from an increase in the percentage of supplementary pensions. And please note that the rate has been evaluated according to the ultimate need of this population affected by this change.

What's the point of worrying about this inflation growing! Especially since you already know that the government will study each case. What you only need to know is which category of pensioners will have access to this great benefit ? Moreover, the planned amount is already included in the annual increase standard.

Who will benefit from this percentage increase?

This November 1, 2022, retirees will have a large part of the supplementary pension. And this, thanks to analyzes made by the National Assembly of the amending budget!

Indeed, private sector employees are only the first beneficiaries of this additional pension increase. Agirc-Arrco grants more of this grant to people the most impacted by inflation.

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Why ? Most of these pensioners are all individuals who have reached the legal age. But above all who deserve to have a rate hike on retirement additoinal . Especially since the membership fee gives access to getting this help .

This draft annual resolution has already taken social security into account. In addition, the retirees concerned will be able to access it at the beginning of November. And this, for the 13 million counted beneficiaries.

How much will the supplementary pension increase?

To benefit from the supplementary pension, you must first consult the file in charge of Agirc-Arrco! Moreover, it is definitive that all the employees concerned obtain a percentage of 4% .

Compared to last year, the increase is already available to help the most vulnerable households.

Namely that at each fall season , the revaluation of the supplementary pension will take place in time! However, the CFTC vice president says the rate will be assessed between 5%, 5.1% or 5.2%.

Why ? In 2021, the health, social and financial situation was studied in order to adapt to the rising cost of living.