Supplementary pensions: this significant increase planned from 1 November!

modified: 2022-09-30 15:19:22

With inflation, the government decided to turn to the elderly by granting supplementary pensions.


The state should be kind to its people. Many aids have already been deployed to cover part of the expenses of the French. But unfortunately that doesn't seem to be enough. Once again, the government is focusing on the elderly. A revaluation of pensions, an aid that could help many seniors to struggle less compared to the increase in life.

Pensions: An increase from November 1

For beneficiaries of supplementary pensions, there is a good chance that you will receive an increase by November 1. Government assistance that will help relieve financial difficulties.

Indeed, no one is spared by this inflation . The rise in prices affects the majority of French people. Not to mention the exorbitant price of electricity and gas.

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Pensioners no longer have any income apart from their pensions. This is why, some organizations with the collaboration of the State decide to set up supplementary pensions.

To be deployed as soon as possible, the revaluation will be done in a month. This increase will concern people who are already pensioners additoinal .

A significant upgrade?

All the aid provided by the government all has to do with inflation. This year, the revaluation of this allowance will be quite telling. Admittedly, the augmentation pensions is essential to each inflation, but for it to be interesting, you have to see the rate of increase.

In a general way, the rate must be set according to the rate of inflation . This year, in the finance law, the government estimated an inflation rate of 5.4%. Which normally should be the rate of this revaluation.

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A notable increase for residents. Only it has been said that for the rate of increase will be 5.1% for this year . A decision which must be presented to the Board of Directors for validation on October 6.

But it should also be noted that anyone beneficiary of a supplementary pension is not automatically listed in the list of beneficiaries of this new revaluation scheduled for next November.

Pensions: How do you know if you are a beneficiary?

Overall, people who have benefited from a supplementary pension in previous years will certainly be included again this year. For new pensioners, it will be necessary to see in relation to your annual earnings to decide whether or not you are eligible for this increase.

In addition, you will not have to seek to register in a establishment for a request. The procedures are already in the hands of the administration. Each department has, beforehand, the list of all beneficiaries without exception.

In any case, more than 13 million retired people will have the privilege of receiving a supplementary pension from November next . The payment will therefore be made according to the department and the internal organization of each department.