Suzuki Misano principle vehicle: Suzuki Misano 2-seater principle vehicle breaks cover

The Misano principle design is a mix of the 2 various souls of the Japanese producer in a single design, declares Suzuki.
Twenty-four trainees of the Master in Transportation Design at European Institute of Design, Turin created the brand-new principle lorry in cooperation with Suzuki.
Suzuki Misano (length 4000 mm, width 1750 mm, height 1000 mm, wheelbase 2600 mm) is a compact and stylish lorry, which reinterprets the timeless kind of Barchetta in a speculative secret. With a unbalanced and ingenious design, it gets 2 seats in tandem.

The lines of the outsides draw tidy surface areas that gently cover the exposed guest compartment. The lack of a hood exposes the motorist and guest positions which, off-center, leave the best part totally free, permitting the insertion of the battery pack and a trunk in a lateral position.
The stylish motivation is discovered not just in the gritty style of the front, in which the darting lines of the lights increase the recognisability of the vehicle, trapezoidal meshes however particularly in the driving experience.

Protected solely by a little windscreen that looks like a fairing, the motorist manages the vehicle not with a guiding wheel, however with a plainly motorcycling-inspired joystick.
Suzuki Misano will be shown at the MAUTO – National Automobile Museum in Turin from Saturday 15 May to Sunday 6 June 2021.

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