Tax calendar: the main dates to remember for 2023

modified: 2022-12-28 12:12:02

The tax calendar still has a declaration in the spring and a payment in the fall. An excellent surprise awaits you.

  Tax calendar: the main dates to remember for 2023

Withholding tax at source facilitated the payment procedure for the latter . Despite this, you will still have to declare your income for the previous year . This will allow you to perform a regularization taxes. It will be of particular use to taxpayers who paid too much or not enough z. For that, you must follow the tax schedule . Moreover, the year 2023 begins with good news for 10 million households. Here is the main forecast dates to take into account for the 2023 tax calendar.

The tax credit at the start of the tax calendar

Since the withholding tax was introduced, tax credits and reductions are no longer processed at the same time as tax collection on income. Simply put, you pay income tax every month. However, you will recoup this expense in the form of tax credits and reductions, on different dates.

Each year, the tax advance and reductions take place in mid-January. This year, the General Directorate of Public Finance (DGFiP), will make this transfer on January 16, 2023 . The previous transfer was entitled “AvanceCredimpot” and came from “DGFiP Finances Publiques”. 8.7 million households benefited from this transfer of 605 euros on average .

The tax return from April

You can still continue to declare your income in version 2023. Be aware that the declarations of income for 2023 on those of 2022 in paper version will end on May 18, 2023.

As of April 6, you will be able to start report your income online . Insofar as you have pre-declared your income and expenses, you can benefit from the automatic declaration . An advantage that saves your time.

Thus, the deadline for declare your income accordingly , run from the end of May until mid-June, depending on each department. Here is the provisional calendar to find you :

  • May 23, 2023 marks the deadline for Internet filing of 2022 income based on 2021 income for Departments 1 through 19.
  • May 30, 2023 determines the deadline for Internet reporting from the income of 2022 on the basis of the income from 2021 for departments 20 to 54.
  • June 07, 2023 indicates the deadline for Internet filing of 2022 income based on 2021 income for departments 55 to 976.

Tax calendar: when will the regularization of the tax take place?

From the end of July until the beginning of August, several households will receive a refund from the tax authorities . It's about :

  • Of those who were overtaxed last year,
  • Of those who have benefited from the tax credit or reduction

This is an important step since taxpayers pay at source. Errors can sometimes slip in .

As a reminder, the withholding tax has implemented a further procedure for those who pay income tax. This is regularization. This allows you to correct your tax return if you paid too much or not enough .

In mid-August until mid-December, the online tax return correction tool will be available . On the other hand, this step will only be possible after a declaration of income actually received. The opposite is not possible since you must perform the calculation of the actual amount of income tax what you paid last year.

As of September 1, the tax authorities will update your withholding tax rate, based on your declaration at the start of the year. The updated rate will then be applied as every year .

If your tax notice shows an amount to be paid, be aware that online payment and direct debit can take place on September 15. But you may be able to adjust it afterwards an additional period of a few days .

What date for the property tax?

Each year, the last payment of property tax always takes place in mid-October . In case of monthly payment of property tax, it will be paid in 10 installments, from January to October. An 11th deadline in November can even happen in the event of an increase .

In other cases, the payment deadline is scheduled for October 15 . But an additional period of a few days is granted to those who pays property tax at maturity or online.

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