Tax credit: nine million households concerned by a payment

modified: 2023-01-11 00:05:02

To boost the purchasing power of the French, the government uses several financial aids. Among them is the tax credit.

  Credit d'impôt : neuf millions de foyers concernés par un versement

Because of the conflict situation in Europe, the Kremlin has decided to reduce its gas exports to the rest of Europe. As we are in winter, gas is essential. So this situation destroyed the team between supply and demand . This is the main cause of the current high inflation.

In front of this situation, the state does not stand idly by . Over the past two years, the state has strengthened its role in protecting social life. To do this, several financial aids are offered to French . Among them, there is the tax credit . Who are concerned?

What is a tax credit?

For French citizens, more specifically for a person domiciled in France, a tax credit can be paid to him . A tax credit is a tax reduction that the tax authorities reimburse you. The granting of this offer is linked to the following situations :

  • Family: If you keep your child out of your home (crèche or daycare centre) a tax credit for expenses paid for childcare is applied. This applies to your child up to their 6th birthday.
  • Accommodation: yes you make arrangements favorable to the energy transition
  • Home employment: Childcare, assistance to the elderly or disabled, tutoring.

The difference between tax reduction and tax credit is the fact that a tax reduction does not give right to a refund . The government website Impô specifies:

“Unlike the tax reduction, if the tax credit is greater than the amount of the tax, the excess gives rise to reimbursement by the General Directorate of Public Finances. »

When will you receive a tax credit for this year?

In general, the first installment of a tax credit is performed on January 15 . However, as for this year 2023, mid-January fell on Sunday, payment will be made on January 16 . Moreover relayed by TF1 INFO, published on January 9, 2023:

“In a press release published on Monday, the government announces that nine million tax households will receive a bank transfer on January 16th”

This bank transfer is the tax credit payment for the year 2021 declared in the spring of 2022. The Ministers of the Economy and that of Public Accounts, wrote in this press release:

'This advance, paid in one go, corresponds to 60% of the total amount of tax reductions and credits declared in the spring of 2022 for expenses incurred in 2021'

Who is affected by this first payment?

For when, there are only a few days left . The next question is for whom? As mentioned above, 9 million tax households form part of this deposit. According to the aforementioned ministers, this reduction and tax credit concerns French people in the following situations .

  • Those who made donations
  • Those who employ an employee at home,
  • People subject to childcare or nursing home accommodation costs,
  • People with rental investment expenses.

These people will receive it on January 16 if the tax authorities is aware of their bank details . For those who have not provided their bank details , payment will be made by cheque.

“Taxpayers for whom the tax administration has no knowledge of bank details (221,000 tax households) will receive this advance in the form of a check letter which they will receive by post by the end of the month of January. “Explains the government, relayed by TF1 INFO.

A total of 5.6 billion euros, to preserve purchasing power

The installment for this month will cost the state a total of 5.6 billion euros . On average, a household will receive 624 euros. In these times strongly impacted by inflation, this sum is not negligible. Moreover, the state brags about this lead as a boost for household purchasing power.

'It will help preserve the purchasing power of the French,' write the ministers.

If you want more information about the payment of the tax credit, go to consult your private space on . According to TF1 INFO:

“A document specifying the amount and terms of payment is available online in the individual space of each taxpayer on”

Here, don't forget to check your bank account next January 16 , it's payday.

Source : Tf1info