Tax credits: who is affected by the average payment of 624 euros?

modified: 2023-01-13 14:39:02

In some cases, taxpayers can benefit from tax credits. The corresponding advance will be paid on Monday.

  credits'impôt : qui est concerné par le versement moyen de 624 euros ?

In France, everyone should contribute according to their resources . Thus, the poorest remain exempt from taxes. On the other hand, the wealthiest have to pay more taxes . But there are several ways to reduce your taxes. In effect, the State can grant tax reductions and credits . This Monday, these devices will give rise to the payment of an advance, for 9 million French people. Are you one of the taxpayers concerned? How can we get credits tax? We will explain everything to you.

Tax credits: what are we talking about?

Tax reductions allow the state to promote certain behaviors . So you can then get tax credits as a reward guide. You must therefore declare certain expenses or donations , tax deductible. In return, you receive reimbursement in the following months. This system concerns certain specific expenses .

Thus, parents who have to have their children looked after can benefit from tax credits for this charge . Crèche, childminder… The government recently increased the tax reduction to 50% for these expenses . For example, if you pay 1000 euros for daycare, you can benefit from a deduction of 500 euros. You can also get tax credits if you employ someone in your home .

The very fact of having children in secondary or higher education may give rise to tax credits. The amount of the tax reduction is set at:

  • €61 per child pursuing lower secondary education (middle school)
  • €153 per child pursuing upper secondary education (high school)
  • €183 per child following a higher education course.

In the case of children in alternating residence or with shared responsibilities, the amount of the tax reduction is divided by two. »

But you can also obtain tax credits by donating to certain associations , by or financing accommodation in an EHPAD for an elderly person.

Monday's installment is a 60% advance

Based on on the return you completed in April 2022 , the administration can therefore send a transfer to the persons concerned by these tax credits. Nevertheless, it was necessary clearly indicate these expenses when you declared your income .

In effect, tax credits are not automatic e. If you do not inform the tax authorities about your charges, you can miss this device. Besides, the advance expected for Monday does not represent all amounts to which you are entitled. This is only a 60% lead. On average, this payment must reach an average amount of 624 euros . But some taxpayers can still choose to benefit from a smaller advance. In this case, it is necessary connect to the tax site to change the rate of your advance.

In all cases, you will receive the remaining tax credits this summer . As a reminder, the payment of advances is made by bank transfer (according to the bank details known by the tax authorities). But, if you have not provided this data , you will then receive your advance by mail, accompanied by a check. The advances paid in 2023 corresponding to the income and expenses for the year 2021 , which you indicated on your 2022 declaration. If you find an anomaly, you can contact the tax authorities online or by mail.

Source : BFM TV