Taxes 2023: the new ceilings of the scale are available

modified: 2023-01-13 22:34:02

Due to inflation, the current tax schedule for 2023 will change. We will explain everything to you.

  Taxes 2023: the new ceilings of the scale are available

In France, each person must contribute to public finances according to their income . Thus, the taxes you have to pay each year directly depend on the money you earned the previous year. Taxpayers thus enter into different tax brackets . Simply put: the higher your income, the more income tax you will have to pay. Each ceiling gives rise to a different tax contribution. However, below a certain level of resources , some homes remain tax-exempt in 2023. Because the maximum ceiling has increased to take inflation into account. In order to help you see more clearly, here is a small summary point.

The calculation of taxes changes in 2023

The system and the formula will keep the same principle. However, the scale will go up as a whole . This tax calculation takes into account all income earned in 2023 . This includes salaries, but also pensions and rental income. In addition, to know your taxation, you must also apply the abatements and tax reductions .

Given the increase in ceilings, some taxpayers may well become non-taxable in the future. Especially if their income has not increased despite inflation. They won't have no taxes to pay on their 2023 income . In the same way, some homes will switch to the lower bracket, and will see their taxes reduced .

How do you know what awaits you?

As we explained, to know how much you will pay, several factors come into play . But here are some reminders to help you better understand your taxes for the year 2023. First, remember that the administration does not consider individuals, but tax households .

Thereby, a person who lives alone is equivalent to a household . That said, a family comprising 2 parents and 4 children also constitutes a single tax household. Moreover, if two people begin to live together, even without civil unions or marriage, they share the same household for tax purposes . Your taxes for the year 2023 thus take into account all the resources of the household, but also the number of tax shares it contains.

As a reminder, each adult represents a share, and each dependent child counts for 1 half share. Thus, a family with 2 adults and 4 children corresponds to 4 tax shares. However, the new 2023 tax scale provides that below 16,372 euros for tax purposes , there is nothing to pay. if you live alone and your income is below this threshold, you will not have to pay taxes.

Now let's go back to our example. Namely, a family with 2 parents and 4 dependent minors . Let's say that the household's annual income reaches 30,000 euros in 2022. By dividing this figure by the name of tax parties (4) , we get 7,500 euros. In the present case, the annual income therefore remains well below the threshold of 16,372 euros. This means that this family will not have no income tax payable in 2023 .

Finally, if you notice increase your income , you can limit your tax thanks to tax reductions and credits. Home employment, accommodation in EHPAD, childcare… many expenses make it possible to get tax deductions .

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