Taxes: how to make your very first declaration to the tax authorities?

modified: 2023-02-17 21:25:02

Making these tax declarations is one of the obligations of a French citizen. Here's how to do it for the first time.

  Taxes: how to make your very first declaration to the tax authorities?

The state is a business. Like any society, to make it work, the state needs human resources , and financial resources. For the first, political leaders and civil servants hold this position. On the other hand, where do these people's salaries come from? ? The main financial resource of a country is taxes.

Indeed, the taxes you pay contribute to run the whole state . In exchange for these royalties, you have rights. Given the importance of tax, several questions arise: at what age should you file your first tax return ? How to do it ? We tell you everything in this article.

First tax declaration: the persons concerned

All citizens over the age of 18 will have to file a tax return . The only exception to this rule are people aged between 18 and 25 who are still attached to the tax household of their parents. Between this age, you have the choice between filing a personal tax return or be attached to the tax household of the parents.

Once the 25 years have passed, whether you receive income or not, filing a personal tax return becomes an obligation . That is to say, you can no longer be attached to the foyer fiscal of your parents. The government website Service-Public, updated January 1, 2023 , announced :

“You were born before 1997: You must submit your own tax return. »

Although adults over 25 are not taxable , they will have to make a declaration to receive a notice of non-taxation. The acquisition of the latter entitles you to certain social assistance . Among these advantages, the scholarship based on social criteria is offered to students according to their diplomas obtained and their nationality .

How to file your first tax return?

There are two methods of first tax return. The first is done online and the second in “paper” .

First tax declaration: declaration via the internet

This year, the tax administration facilitated the first tax return . To do this, this organization sends letters to all young people over 20 who are still attached to their parents' tax household. If you received this email, here's how to create a personal space online and make your first declaration .

  • Go to the tax site, or click on a link already communicated in the mail.
  • Click on “Your private space” and follow the instructions
  • Copy the tax number (13 digits) and the online access number (7 digits) provided in the mail in the margin concerning
  • choose a password
  • Add a reference tax income equal to 0.

There you have it, your personal space on the tax website is created. And you have just filed your first tax return . If you have not received mail or if you have lost it. Before creating a personal space, you must first communicate your identity to the tax services .

This can be done either by going directly to the local public finance centre, either at the counter or by post . Here are the parts needed:

  • Marital status,
  • Address,
  • Copy of an identity document,
  • Mail address.

If you have delivered these parts, after verification. We will send you an email. This message will give you access to your particular space through a clickable link.

First declaration: “paper” declaration

If you decide to opt for a “paper” declaration, that is to say a first tax declaration without going through the internet. You should complete the printed form n°2042 . This document can be printed on the tax website or requested directly from the public finance center of your place of residence.

For this modality of declaration, what are the documents to be provided? An article by Capital, published on January 15, 2023, answered this question. Depending on your residency situation, here are the documents to attach with form n°2042 :

  • For all registrants: copy of an identity document (CIN, passport…);
  • For tenants or joint tenants: copy of the current lease
  • For the declarant residing in a hostel (student, young workers, etc.): certificate issued by the hostel that hosted him on the previous 31 December;
  • For the declarant residing at the hotel: certificate of occupancy of a hotel room established by the management of the residence hotel on the previous December 31.

So, you know now when to do your first tax return and how to do it . If your residency situation is not on this list, request information from the tax department of your department .

Source : Capital