Taxes: if you are over 65, you are affected by the tax deduction

modified: 2023-01-19 09:48:02

Nobody likes to pay too much tax. But people on disability or aged 65 or over are entitled to a reduction.

  Taxes: if you are over 65, you are affected by the tax deduction

In France, taxes are used to fund public finance . Also, all households remain affected by this system. However, depending on your situation and your income, you can take advantage of certain exemptions. For example, paying the accommodation costs in an EHPAD, you are entitled to a tax cut . Same thing if you use work from home. But in certain specific cases, you can also ask for an abatement . Notably if you have reached the age of 65 or if you are disabled. We focus on this precious tax boost .

The conditions to be fulfilled

To benefit from this reduction on your taxes , there are two different criteria. One relates to age, others to possible disability.

  • You possess a mobility inclusion card , due to an incapacity of more than 80%.
  • You are part of military invalids , for a disability of more than 40%.
  • You have a disability greater than 40%, following an accident at work .
  • You turned 65 before December 31, 2022.

If you live alone, the allowance concerns all of your taxes . But for those who live as a couple, this advantage takes into account the situation of the spouse. So it could go down if the person who shares your life is not the same age , or if she is not disabled.

Additionally, you can ask this advantage on your taxes , even for the year you requested an inclusion and mobility card . Here is what it says the official bulletin of public finances on this subject :
Disabled persons can benefit from the income tax deduction for the year in which they applied for the mobility inclusion card (CMI) marked 'disability'. If the examination of the income statement for the following year shows that the card application has not been approved, the initial taxation must be regularized. »

Finally, know that this reduction on your taxes cannot be combined . Even if you meet several criteria at the same time.

Taxes: how much is the tax deduction?

The amount of this boost depends on your total categorical income for the year. This includes wages, pensions, annuities or even rental income. But the tax services also take into account any tax charges or deductions. And keep in mind that the tax scale increased by 5.4% in 2023 . Thus, if you were not entitled to any allowance in the past, that may well change this year .

If your overall net income remains below 16,410 euros , here are the amounts you can expect:

  • 2,620 euros, if you live alone or in a couple with a person who is not 65 years old, and is not disabled.
  • 5,240 euros, if you live in a household with a person aged over 65, or meeting the conditions of disability.

On the other hand, if your overall net income is between 16,410 and 26,400 euros , the abatement reduces your taxes :

  • €1,310 for single people , or in a couple, with someone who is under 65 and does not meet disability conditions .
  • 2,620 euros, if the person who shares your life also meets the criteria of age or disability.

However, if your overall net income exceeds 26,400 euros , you cannot claim this reduction on your taxes.

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