Taxes: this unknown and important box deprives you of an exemption, it is very important!

modified: 2022-09-23 16:53:01

When we talk about taxes, we think of the money that the state takes from us. However, taxpayers receive benefits related to the payment of these taxes.


Paying taxes is an obligation for all citizens. Only, each individual does not pay the same sums. There are several categories that are assigned to each household according to their declaration to the tax authorities. It is also possible to pay less or to be reimbursed. Procedures have been put in place to allow everyone to regularize their taxes. Or to benefit from certain advantages still linked to tax.

Why do we pay taxes?

A person or a company having income following one or more professional activities have the obligation to make a declaration of their annual income . This is a state requirement to enable tracking and balancing monetary from the country. It is from the total income that we establish the amount to be paid to the State.

What you should also know about taxes is that there are several types. Each activity corresponds to a type of tax . others activities are non-taxable, while others have to pay a considerable sum.

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If, however, people are reluctant to regularize their situation with regard to taxes, it is mainly by the fear of having to pay a large sum of money. However, taxes are defined only in relation to the earnings of the company.

A small percentage of 12.8% at the most. Therefore, the amount should not be a hindrance for the payment of taxes.

The interest of regularizing one's professional activity

It's important to regularize the different administrative papers when you want to set up your own business. Sometimes people are reluctant about taxes.

However, the fact of properly referencing its company still provides benefits. And this to the great benefit of people who are up to date with their declaration and payment of taxes.

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Let's imagine a simple example, like what, a bad weather ransacked all your belongings. It is impossible for you to go up the slope. If you are a taxpayer, the State could provide you with financial support to get you back on your feet.

Taxes: A box to check

When you file your tax return online, the procedures are much simplified. Just check or uncheck several boxes and you're done. However, the tax department has recently noticed that among the checkboxes, people tend to forget the 2OP box.

According to the information received, if this small box must be ticked by 8 million households. We only have 1.8 million. Of course, to avoid this mistake again and again, several strategies have been developed. Little reminders from both sides, to say that it is essential to tick the 2OP box .

A strategy that seems to work, because the statistics have increased even if the 8 million is still a long way off. Everyone is also invited to become aware of this act by a sensitization general.

Every year during the tax declaration period. It is true that it is not very obvious given the number of boxes, but a reminder tab should attract the attention of a taxpayer when filling out.