Teeth whitening: these products are harmful and bad for your teeth, according to 60 million consumers!

modified: 2022-09-12 21:13:01

Be super careful, some teeth whitening products can be harmful to your dental health!

  Teeth whitening

If you are considering whitening your teeth, make sure it is a very safe procedure. Indeed, as with all chemicals we use, a whiter smile does not come without a list of side effects. And most of the teeth whitening remains linked to dangerous products! We will reveal the details to you in the next lines!

Teeth whitening: a method that is not always reliable!

Most people who use teeth whitening products experience few or no side effects.

And in any case, many are satisfied with the results . Judging by their testimony , more and more individuals are also taking their turn to try out the service.

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However, some people may experience one or more of the following side effects associated with teeth whitening. Because yes, there are some and not just a few!

Professional dentists therefore make us aware of the risks that we could run using these products! The details are in the following lines!

Side effects that may occur!

First of all, it turns out that you might notice that your dents have become more sensitive . This feeling of inconvenience can also occur during the dental whitening process.

In other cases, it can also happen for a short time after the procedure!

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For information , this is usually due to the exposure of the dentine couch during the teeth whitening process. If basic, your teeth are nature sensitive, it would be best to consult your dentist!

Only the experts can advise you on the best bleaching options for your situation. Its very important !

Teeth whitening: a little-known detail!

Also, be aware that your dentist can also give you a list of brands of teeth whitening products. And not just any, but more specifically those who can help you mitigate the increased level of sensitivity .

In any case, it is possible that the results obtained after teeth whitening do not look like what you imagined. If you have significant spots or internal discoloration of the teeth, you may you didn't notice any change in the shade of your teeth after the procedure! This is a detail that you absolutely must take into account.