TF1: Évelyne Dhéliat eliminated, the beautiful revenge of Tatiana Silva!

modified: 2022-09-20 13:29:00

The French and the weather, it's quite a story! The competition is fierce and Évelyne Dhéliat sees herself dethroned from her place! The details !

  Evelyne Dheliat

For several years, the French used to watch the weather forecast on the first French channel TF1. Lately, another private channel is gradually starting to steal the show from Évelyne Dhéliat. In order to go up the slope, TF1 changes tactics and even goes so far as to change the weather presenter. But what is the point of having such a large number of audiences?

Évelyne Dhéliat: The star of French weather!

The TF1 weather presenter entered a turbulent zone which cost her a large part of her audience. While for more than ten years, it has been followed by more than 3 million people each time.

Évelyne Dhéliat, during all her years, brought together the greatest number of viewers . The age group of its audience is very varied. The French begin to take an interest in the weather from the age of 4.

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This success remains a great victory for the TF1 , but be careful, nothing is certain. Indeed, it begins to gradually lose its subscribers. This since the appearance of some technical problems at the time of the weather report.

The title then goes to Tatiana Silva, another presenter from a private television channel. Therefore, TF1 deploys all means to recover its subscribers. Beginning with the substitution of the presenter. Louis Bodin took over, but in vain.

Difficult to keep the first place!

Evelyne Dhéliat, the Miss weather France struggled to keep her place as leader in his little company . The French who knew him seem to forget in a flash his soft voice and his good humor.

If before, from 7:55 p.m., its audience remains in front of their television set and connected to TF1 to see the weather forecast. Now the number is drastically reduced.

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For her part, Tatiana Silva goes up a step and gains more and more audience. She easily dethroned Évelyne Dhéliat. With an audience of more than 4.68 million, Tatiana Silva wins first place, which remains a figure record so far.

Monday, September 19 in the early afternoon, it was a great opportunity for Évelyne Dhéliat to find her audience. All the more, that the funeral of the Queen Mother of England was broadcast live on the channel. An event with the highest number of audiences. But unfortunately, Miss Weather had to postpone her presentation for another day.

Évelyne Dhéliat: A presenter who stands out from the rest!

For the simple reason that the French are thirsty to know the forecasts weather report, Évelyne Dhéliat had the pleasure of sharing with millions of viewers the information they were waiting for. Showers, thunderstorms, sunshine, a light breeze, etc., it's a time when the whole family comes together in front of the TV.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of several concurrent of the other TV channels, it has gradually lost its leading position. Especially since the recovery seems to be difficult, the various attempts of the chain remain in vain. Either way, she will always be our Miss Weather.