TF1: Évelyne Dhéliat in turmoil, Myriam Seurat steals the show!

modified: 2022-09-17 21:02:02

The 8 p.m. headline show, presented by Evelyne Dhéliat, has the most audience on TF1. However, the program risks its place.

  Evelyne Dheliat

Among all 20 hour shows on the French channels, that of Evelyne Dhéliat attracts the most audience. Indeed, the majority of French people follow the show on TF1 . However, the situation is turned upside down. This host is losing her audience. The program on France 2, presented by Marie-Sophie Lacarrau , ahead of TF 1.

Evelyne Dhéliat: The number of her audience is falling!

During the presentation of his emission from 8 p.m. on September 14, 2022, the bulletin of audience by Evelyne Dhéliat displays 3.25 million French people. A figure which was quite high compared to that of the day before.

However, this statistic had negative effects for TF1 . As a reminder, the hearing of the chain reached 17.4% among viewers aged 4 and over.

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On the other side, Myriam Seurat displays 3.47 million viewers on France 2 . Nevertheless, this figure reached 18.3% around 7:57 p.m. presenter of France 2 holds the attention of 4.1 million French people.

While for Évelyne Dhéliat, this figure is decreasing up to 16% of the audience share . The audience leadership of the TF1 program was therefore moved forward.

TF1 risks losing its leadership in audience

TF1 is currently in a more or less complex situation. His flagship show presented by Evelyne Dhéliat is deteriorating. Indeed, the programme headline weather forecasts no longer reach the same names of audiences .

Remember that it was one of the channel's most popular shows . On the other side, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is attracting more and more viewers with her 8 p.m. show on France 2.

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For the case of Wednesday September 14, TF1 experienced a poor performance . The channel only had a 15.1% market share. It just overtook France 2, which counts 14.9% audience share .

Moreover, this private channel is closer to viewers since TF1 stopped broadcasting on Canal + . We can therefore say that the situation of Evelyne Dhéliat has had a great impact on TF1.

Evelyne Dhéliat could leave TF1!

Evelyne Dhéliat began her career at TF1 as animator on the One. It is thus the oldest presenter chain. After losing her husband some time ago, she is now battling Alzheimer's.

His health is therefore very unstable. Remember that she is now 71 years old. A perfect age to retire. She can thus to take leave and give up one's seat .

For their part, his juniors have all the assets to take over. Take as an example Tatiana Silva's wedding . She is competent, charming and smiling.

In addition, the young woman is endowed with great professionalism. The facilitator thus has the perfect profile for replace Evelyne Dhéliat . However, nothing has been decided yet. Viewers are still wondering who will replace the boss . Indeed, the current Miss Weather rain and shine on TF1 For years. Moreover, she started working in 1968. At the time, the only television channel was the ORTF.