The 12 noon shots: a candidate arrives with a daring hairstyle on the set

modified: 2022-12-25 12:37:03

In the 12 noon shots, one of the candidates dared to wear a pretty crazy hairstyle for his time on the show.

  The 12 noon shots: a candidate arrives with a daring hairstyle on the set

It remains this Friday that one of the candidates of the 12 noon shots thought to make a rather amazing hairstyle in tribute to Jean-Luc Reichmann and the entire production team . A rather crazy and unexpected choice which of course did not fail to be noticed, both by the host and by the other candidates or even the public. This candidate is called Yuri, and comes directly from Essonne to participate in the 12 noon shots. We'll explaine everything here.

Les 12 coups de midi, an… amazing program

For more than twelve years now, the game show les 12 coups de midi often offers funny surprises. Between the host Jean-Luc Reichmann who is always full of energy and good humor, or even the candidates, the audience of the show is always distracted. Indeed, as the 12 strokes of noon receive all kinds of people, they also have the right to quite amazing characters at times.

Indeed, among those who try to make the host laugh 12 noon shots with sometimes dubious jokes. There are also people with a way of being quite funny or communicative laughter. One thing is certain, the 12 noon shots remain a program in which benevolence and good humor very often hovers. And this Friday is another perfect example. Indeed, Yuri, a candidate who comes from Essonne was able to share a rather crazy hair idea.

A surprising candidate

In the episode of the 12 noon shots this Friday , Jean-Luc Reichmann was able to receive a rather surprising candidate. Indeed, he was able to receive a total of three candidates. So we found Émilie, Mélinda and Yuri. And Yuri, as it remained on Christmas Eve, was able to give the host a gift. This is a nice touch that touched the host a lot. The gift turns out to be a mug with three photos on it. We therefore see the host with his dog, one as Léo Matteï and one with his wife Nathalie. Of course, Jean-Luc Reichmann thanked him. “ It's very nice, it touches me! You saw this man gave me a present ”.

But the candidate des 12 coups de midi had not finished with surprises and gifts. Indeed, he had kept a surprise up his sleeve, his haircut. So, the candidate unveiled “ It was Loïc, my brother's companion, who is a hairdresser, who gave me this haircut yesterday. It took two hours! ”. And, indeed, we can see that Yuri has a shaved head with 12 stars on it , in reference to the show.

  The 12 strokes of noon
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A cup offered

But the hair surprise didn't stop there . Indeed, Yuri clarified to the host that his brother's companion wanted to offer the latter a free haircut. But, the host probably declined the offer. But Zette responded and said ' Go ahead Jean-Luc! I take over ! ”. To which Jean-Luc Reichmann replied that “ You are going on behalf of Jean-Luc because I will not be able to go. Y'all go there and you'll get a free cup! It's honest though! But only on Wednesday January 4, 2023! ”.

But now, the hairdresser does not seem to work on Wednesdays. So the host of 12 noon shots called him live to tell him to “ work for free for all the people who will show up on behalf of Jean-Luc and Yuri ”. And finally, the hairdresser agreed.

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