The 12 noon shots: a Youtuber will try his luck in the famous TF1 show

modified: 2023-01-10 14:04:02

In the 12 noon shots, a Youtuber candidate who has already participated in other shows will try his luck.

  The 12 noon shots: a Youtuber will try his luck in the famous TF1 show

In the program les 12 coups de midi, new candidates come every day to try their luck. But soon, for younger viewers , they should find a familiar face there . Indeed, a young 23-year-old Youtuber comes to try his luck, after having been able to pass on other TV game sets. We'll explaine everything here.

Personalities in the 12 noon shots

For more than twelve years, Jean-Luc Reichmann has hosted the program Les 12 coups de midi. But, since all this time, he has often been able to involve celebrities. It must be said that the host knows many people, but in addition to that, the personalities of TF1 often come to join him. For example, for the special program of the 12 blows of Christmas, Jean-Luc Reichmann brought in the singer Tayc. But also the students of the Star Academy or the comedian Florent Peyre and the actress Michèle Bernier .

And so often personalities are invited to the 12 noon shots, it seems rarer that they come to participate on their own. And yet, this remains the case of a young 23-year-old Youtuber, well known by the young public. This remains our colleagues from Télé 2 Semaines who were able to confide that the Youtubeur known as Lucas Studio was going to participate in the game . With its 939,000 subscribers, he remains a well-known face of YouTube .

But to be able to find the Youtubeur within 12 noon shots, you will still have to wait until January 18. Namely that this is not his first TV set. He has already participated in other games. It was found, for example, in Everyone wants to take its place on France 2 in 2021.

Lucas Studio 

So, if you don't know this future participant of 12 noon shots, it's still on YouTube that you can learn more. He decided to launch on the YouTube platform almost 10 years ago. Although he was only in college at the time. Like many great Youtubers , he started with videos filmed from his bedroom . He had decided to film himself playing video games.

But thereafter, the young man will develop his chain. In 2015, there are many parodies and sketches. And current topics like high school, etc. He decides to make many humorous videos in order to get noticed. He told the Dauphiné Libéré that “ I started my first videos at 11, 12, but I was inconsistent, then I started the YouTube channel four years ago and started making a living from it about a year ago. It's very hard to make yourself known, I was followed by 5,000 people for three years , and then it went up very quickly ”.

The beginning of notoriety

But, if the young man was able to succeed in breaking through on this platform, he does not seem to stick to the small videos in his room. From now on, the young man at 23, and already 939,000 subscribers . What make him a well-known Youtuber in France. But in addition to videos, he seems to be interested in game shows. We could find him two years ago on France 2 in Everyone wants to take his place. But he changed for one. Indeed, he will therefore participate at 12 noon shots on TF1 . To see if he will manage to dethrone the famous Stéphane who has remained in place since August 20th.

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