The 12 noon shots in great danger? Viewers are boycotting the show because of this choice!

modified: 2022-09-23 13:31:01

Viewers are unhappy after what they saw on Les 12 Coups de midi lately. Will the situation change?

  The 12 strokes of noon

The least we can say is that the viewers of Les 12 Coups de midi are frustrated. Of course, because of the changes that have taken place within the show lately. Apparently, a rumor can put an end to all his agitations!

Les 12 Coups de midi: Viewers are unhappy!

Obviously, Les 12 Coups de midi is one of the game shows televised the most followed in France. And this, until now by seeing the rate d’audience that the TF1 program has recorded in recent months.

Apparently, this success could change with what has happened lately. Particularly with the case of Stephane . However, another change also seems to irritate fans.

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In recent times, viewers have accused the production of Les 12 Coup de midi of favoritism. Indeed, they argue that the team of Jean-Luc Reichmann only gives easy questions to Stéphane.

A situation that fans of the show of TF1 had to accept badly. But apparently this is not much next to their frustration with the modification within the program very recently.

Viewers' reaction to the change!

If viewers are angry, it's because there are two cuts during the show right now. More precisely since the number of this Tuesday, September 20, 2022 .

Indeed, there are now twice as many advertising than before on Les 12 coups de midi. Obviously, the fans are frustrated by the fact that this change cuts the fun when it comes to following the game. Moreover, it is not the reactions because of this situation that are lacking on the web.

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Apparently the internet users did not hold back in their comments . Thus, we could read on the web reactions like 'I'm going to see LAURENCE BOCCOLINI on the 2'.

As well as “advertising gets us drunk”, “There it gets heavy and puts me on France 2″. In short, many are the opinions that go in this direction about Les 12 Coups de midi.

Les 12 Coups de midi: Is the situation just temporary?

Obviously, it is difficult for the production of Les 12 Coups de midi to ignore these comments. Moreover, one can wonder if this could have any consequences on the audience rating of the show.

As a reminder, Jean-Luc Reichmann's game reached a record number of viewers during the month of August. Either way, that was unlikely to happen. And this, despite the relevance of threat coming from the fans.

Indeed, it may be that Les 12 coups de midi will return as before. According to some rumors, this situation will not last long. The reason is that the show was canceled on Monday, September 19, 2022 following the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II .

Thus, forced to maintain advertising contracts, the channel could not do otherwise. Once the ads are caught up, the program will return as before. A good news for fans who are waiting for that.