The 12 noon shots: Stéphane in tears on the set in front of Daniel Guichard

modified: 2022-12-19 12:11:02

In the 12 noon shots, the midday master Stéphane burst into tears in front of Daniel Guichard.

  The 12 noon shots: Stéphane in tears on the set in front of Daniel Guichard

This Sunday, the midday master des 12 coups de midi failed to contain his emotion. Indeed, this episode of the show did not seem like the others. And for Stéphane, many things have changed in his life. Between notoriety, money, his work, and lately a lot of emotions have arisen from this father who could not hold back his tears in the face of Daniel Guichard . We'll explaine everything here.

Stéphane, an eventful life

Indeed, since August 20, viewers of 12 noon shots have been able to discover Stéphane. The latter remains a family man, with a working profession . He wanted to be on the show. Jean-Luc Reichmann , but without thinking that he would go so far. Indeed, even he confided that he did not think he had so much knowledge.

But, since his participation in the 12 noon shots, everything has changed for him. In effect, with a pot of around 500,000 euros , one would think that the latter took the big head. But in reality, not really. He was able to receive journalists at his home. And the latter seemed to force to note that the latter remained very simple . But sometimes, even as a father, certain emotions remain difficult to manage.

The 12 strokes of noon: nostalgia

Indeed, the midday master seems to be emotional. And every once in a while, the tears seem hard to contain. But in the 12 noon shots, the latter does not hide his painful past and his need to externalize at times . And this Sunday, it seemed to confirm. Hearing a song, he struggled to contain what he was feeling. It turns out that the song he heard on the tray reminded him of his deceased father. But this is not the first time he can bring up the subject of his dad.

It turns out that on October 14, in the 12 strokes of noon, Jean-Luc Reichmann had been able to learn the story of Stéphane with his father. The midday master explained how his father could have lost his life. “ I was in my twenties when he died . I always feel like he's behind my shoulder and let him watch over me ”. He also adds that “ We never had too many exchanges between my parents and me. These were not things that were practiced in the family ”. But even if now, he too remained a father. This does not prevent him from bursting into tears each time he hears the title Mon Vieux.

Daniel Guichard, guest on the show

So, last Sunday, the singer Daniel Guichard was able to be invited in the 12 noon shots . As the latter will soon go to the Rex at the beginning of January, he was able to come on the TF1 show. But, this singer does not remain unknown to Stéphane . So, as he remained the guest of Jean-Luc Reichmann, he decided to sing some of his hits. And among them, the famous title My old man.

So, when the singer was able to interpret this title in the 12 strokes of noon, Stéphane had a hard time remaining unmoved. This song touches him very deeply . And although it's been a long time since he lost his father, he still can't contain his sadness when he hears this music. While the artist also came to talk about his brand new album , If we had to redo it , he could see the effect his song had on the midday master .

And faced with so much emotion in the 12 noon shots, the singer, once the title Mon Vieux was finished, the singer went to kiss Stéphane. A way to comfort and soothe him. Stéphane then replied “ How much emotion ” but also that “ As soon as I hear the first notes, everything rises immediately ”. Because although he too has since founded his family, the loss of his father is always a source of sadness. And even if following this episode, he could not find the Mysterious star, his prize pool was able to amount to 494,993 euros .

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