The 12 noon shots: the midday master confides in his long period of unemployment

modified: 2022-12-09 12:54:02

On December 5, in 'Les 12 coups de midi', Stéphane opened up about his past. The midday master reveals to have been unemployed for 2 years.

  The 12 noon shots: the midday master confides in his long period of unemployment

Having already more than 100 participations to his counter , Stéphane is at the head of a nice sum. If the one who joined 'Les 12 coups de midi' on August 20 is now free from need , It has not always been the case.

Indeed, it is in the issue of Monday, December 5 that the current midday master returns confided. Thus, with emotion, the father confides in his long period of unemployment which lasted 2 years . Details in this article.

'The 12 strokes of noon' of December 5

Every day, Jean-Luc Reichmann, known for his joviality, hosts the program 'Les 12 coups de midi' on TF1. The day of December 5 was nevertheless special , because in addition to the candidates, the host received 2 distinguished guests.

These were in particular Arielle Boulin-Prat and Bertrand Renard . Ousted from France 3, the former co-hosts of 'Des Numeres et des Lettres' reacted. Revealing at the same time that they respectively made 36 and 47 years of good and loyal service .

“We are not going too badly, there are worse,” began Arielle Boulin-Prat.

This before continuing:

“We are aware that there are people who live in much worse situations than ours. It hit us hard, there's no denying that. But we will bounce back. »

Cannot be indifferent to these words, Jean-Luc did not fail to react . The host of the program “Les 12 coups de midi” indeed gave his support to his 2 colleagues .

“I found it an injustice,” he said.

Stéphane talks about his long unemployment

After listening to these revelations, Stéphane, the midday master show current , could only sympathize . There is reason, because the holder of the Star would have known, at his level, he says, the same experience.

“I have known two years without anyone opening the door for me. I was sending CVs, CVs, CVs and no one answered me. Thanks to a friend who works where I am, he told me: 'You have an appointment the day after tomorrow', and since then I haven't left the factory', he said, moved, on the set of the program 'Les 12 coups de midi'.

Despite this emotion, Stéphane however, was able to stay focused for the rest of the game . However, he gave 3 wrong answers during the Masterstroke. This means that he adds 50 euros to his kitty which has risen to 431,537 euros!

Today, Stéphane is at his 111th participation. If the record of Paul (153 participations) then of Bruno (252) is still far, he does not despair . Besides, he will soon have the chance to face the greatest master midday.

This as part of the annual meeting of the program 'Les 12 coups de midi'. For the big Christmas bonus to be held on Saturday December 24 , Jean-Luc will notably receive Timothée, Bruno and Blandin.

“Les 12 coups de midi” accused of cheating

'Les 12 coups de midi' made the heyday of TF1 with its audience successes. However, the production of the show is not always unanimous among viewers . That's why, from time to time, fans cry cheating.

Like many before him, Stéphane does not escape this kind of criticism . Thus, on social networks, he is accused of cheating, that the team of Jean-Luc Reichmann would favor him with easy questions .

Among these famous questions, we can cite:

“Which athlete is Jamaican between Thomas Röhler, Mélina Robert-Michon, Kevin Meyer and Usain Bolt? », « What is a spaniel? A human, a metal, a metal or a mushroom”, or even “Who is a famous cook and food critic whose cult phrase was: ‘But it’s c*rde! ? Fabien Barthez, Nicolas Canteloup, Yul Brynner or Jean-Pierre Coffe. »

Very angry, Internet users even said that a 3-year-old child could answer some of these questions . On Twitter, many of them accuse 'Les 12 coups de midi' of favoritism towards Stephane.

Here are some of their comments:

'I don't understand how he can still be there. Yes, people will tell me that it is cultured! Given the level of the questions, we are all very cultured”, “What is a spaniel, seriously??? It even hides more to favor the champion, it's really abused! »

For now, neither Jean-Luc nor the production reacted . Case to follow?

Source : TV 2 Weeks