The 12 noon shots: the midday master Stéphane, confides in his popularity

modified: 2022-12-17 12:41:02

Indeed, with the program les 12 coups de midi, by dint of participation, notoriety also comes and can seem difficult to manage.

  The 12 noon shots: the midday master Stéphane, confides in his popularity

The show The 12 strokes of noon can indeed bring notoriety. If for one or two participations, it doesn't always seem obvious , when the participations are cumulated, if. Indeed, the greatest midday masters end up having a face that we recognize. As was the case with Xavier, or even Paul El Kharrat. So much so that the latter even seems to remain in the world of TV since . But for Stéphane, it is not easy to manage. We'll explaine everything here.


It turns out that when a candidate chooses to participate in any television program, he must prepare for notoriety. Moreover, it is the latter that motivates a lot of reality TV candidates. But in the case of Stéphane, notoriety did not seem to be the first thing he thought of when participating in the program Les 12 coups de midi. . But it must be said that now, the latter begins to accumulate many participations.

The 12 noon shots are seen as a simple game and knowledge show. But yet, they can be more life-changing than you might think. Because, the gains that it is possible to win and the notoriety. Or even the fact that it could lead to a new world . This seemed the case for Paul El Kharrat, who in addition to his big winnings, stood out to participate in the Big Heads from now on.

Stéphane in the 12 strokes of noon

It remains all the same since August 20 that no candidate has yet succeeded in taking the place of Stéphane. Indeed, since that date, he has the title of noon master in the 12 noon shots . And every day, the latter faces other candidates and further inflates his kitty. The latter is awfully close to 500,000 euros . And if this sum can completely change his life, there is something else too. By dint of participating, viewers of the show know his face, and recognize him in the street.

And the fact that participating in the program les 12 coups de midi brings him notoriety. Stéphane didn't really seem ready. He therefore confides in the Journal de la Haute-Marne his impression of this. So, i was already starting to indulge our colleagues by declaring “ I'm not used to doing interviews, I can't find my words, I'm sorry ”. He further adds that “ I would never have imagined living such a thing , I still don't realize … I really didn't think that I could have so much knowledge ”. While yet, the latter seems very unbeatable.


And if Stéphane cannot deny a fact, it remains that the 12 noon shots changed his life. Keep it financial, friendly, professional, and visibly even on the street. So, journalists decided to go to his house, and obviously, the money did not change him. They wrote “ Stéphane Patingre simply receives, in slippers 'proof that' The money doesn't seem to have gone to his head, nor does the fame ”. From Stephane's point of view, he states that “ I find it less easy to do what I used to do, it gives me great pleasure to see people who come to talk to me and greet me, but we are not prepared for this ”.

Moreover, if the 12 noon shots brought fame to Stéphane, to his entourage too. Her sister Sandrine declared that “ Even me, people recognize me when I go shopping, it's surprising! ”. To which his brother adds “ I've never put myself too much forward, even now, I don't want to state my notoriety ”.

Source : TV 7 Days