The 12 noon shots: this hilarious gift from Jean-Luc Reichmann for the birthday of Timothée Cros

modified: 2023-01-06 12:14:02

The host of 12 noon shots wanted to wish his birthday to a former noon master of the show.

  Les 12 Coups de midi: this hilarious gift from Jean-Luc Reichmann for the birthday of Timothée Cros

Jean-Luc Reichmann has been hosting since already more than twelve years the show les 12 coups de midi . So, in as much time, the latter was able to see people passing by. And yet, some seem to mark his spirit well . It must be said that for the champions who remain, he has time to bond with. This could obviously be the case with Timothy Cros to whom he wished the birthday on video. We'll explaine everything here.

Les 12 coups de midi, a program that pleases

For more than twelve years now, the show Les 12 coups de midi is broadcast on TF1. The host of this program remains none other than Jean-Luc Reichmann. The one who, this year, seemed to be elected favorite TV personality of the French. It must be said that this can be understood. The host is the soul of the show . And for many years now, the latter has lived on laughter, kindness and knowledge.

If the purpose of the 12 noon shots is to still remain a cultural program, it also remains very entertaining and pleasant to watch at lunchtime for the many fans of the latter. So every day new candidates step in to try to dethrone the current midday master . If sometimes, it remains almost an impossible mission, some midday master falls seemed memorable.

And among the noon masters, viewers of 12 noon shots seem to have preferences. And for Jean-Luc Reichmann , it is the same. After a very big betrayal by one of the greatest midday masters, the host now seems a little more on his guard. And yet, that doesn't stop him from making connections. As with Stéphane now .

Complicit relationships

Indeed, the current midday master remains Stéphane . He participated for the first time in the 12 noon shots on August 20. And, since that date, he never seems to have left. Enough to allow the candidate to forge links with the facilitator . So much so that some even seem to cry cheating or favoritism. Because of this, Jean-Luc Reichmann had to intervene several times. He declared during the 12 shots of Christmas that “ It's easy to criticize behind your screen . I invite those who do to try their luck. I will welcome them with happiness. Stéphane is not too social networks and so much the better. He deserves his place . Apart from filming, he works at night at the foundry and does not take time off to do the show. It's rare enough to report it. ! ”.

But another champion of the 12 noon shots that Jean-Luc Reichmann seems to appreciate remains Timothée Cros. As his birthday fell on January 4, the host did not fail to wish him. However, the last passage of the latter dates back to 2017 where he lost after his 83ᵉ participation. This allowed him to leave with 353,348 euros, and obviously, a new friend. It therefore remains on Facebook that Jean-Luc Reichmann wished a happy birthday on video to the one he called “Mister Meuh Meuh” . Moreover, a little over two years ago, he had visited him, on his farm. Like what, friendship can also be found on TV.

Source : Press Center