The 12 strokes of noon: Jean-Luc Reichmann's response to an Internet user who attacks Stéphane

modified: 2022-12-30 14:03:02

Since Stéphane has participated in 12 noon shots, he seems to have received many criticisms that the host does not endorse.

  The 12 strokes of noon: Jean-Luc Reichmann's response to an Internet user who attacks Stéphane

It's been several months since fans of 12 noon shots can find each noon, the list master, Stéphane . But, obviously, the latter is not unanimous. It seems to be gaining a lot of notoriety, but with that, a lot of criticism too. An observation that is sometimes difficult for the worker and father of a family. Confronted with this, Jean-Luc Reichmann has decided to speak , both for New Year's Eve and last Wednesday. And this, in order to defend his much too belittled midday master . We'll explaine everything here.

Stéphane, the 12 noon shots, a business that works

It therefore remains since August 20 that for the first time, Stéphane was able to climb on the set of 12 noon shots. Since that date, the champion has never lost. But, if more and more people start to recognize it, as it gains more notoriety, he also wins in reviews . Indeed, many Internet users criticize him for his career. Many talk about cheating, and strokes of luck and not knowledge .

But all this does not seem new. Obviously, since the beginning of his participation in the 12 noon shots, Stéphane is criticized in this way . The fact that the father prefers to celebrate his victories rather than salute the defeat of an opponent remains an annoying point.

Many efforts to go to the 12 strokes of noon

But, if Internet users speak of luck, for Stéphane's career, they do not realize the efforts that the latter had to make just to be selected. The father of the family confided that “ That's crazy ! Come and try your luck , you may have the same destiny as me, the same luck. Do like me, don't give up . I passed 10 selections , I waited 7 years before coming . Keep going and one day grace will fall on you ”.

I have to say that yes stephane also remains so happy to have been able to participate in the 12 noon shots, it remains, because his work remains very difficult. Stéphane seems to be a worker who has to get up very early every morning to go to the factory. A very difficult daily life, but one that this father has been living for many years now . Fortunately, his bosses remain conciliatory men. In effect, the boss of the latter had even gone to see Jean-Luc Reichmann to praise the worker . And the latter does not seek to cause him any trouble either. Indeed, his bosses seem to agree with his participation in the show and therefore simply put him on unpaid leave.

Many attacks

And now, Stephane sees her life is slowly changing. It must be said that last Wednesday, the champion had all the same a prize pool of 516,893 euros for its 130th participation . But while this adventure seems like a fairy tale, it is often blackened. Many petty Internet users seem to easily criticize the midday master , who however only seeks to have fun in the show. So, tired of these criticisms, for New Year's Eve, Jean-Luc Reichmann had come to the defense of his midday master .

So, for the occasion of Christmas Eve, the 12 strokes of noon have become the 12 strokes of Christmas. And during that, the host said “ It's easy to criticize behind your screen . I invite those who do to try their luck. I will welcome them with happiness . Stéphane is not too social networks and so much the better. He deserves his place . Outside of filming, he works at night at the foundry and does not take time off to do the show . It's rare enough to report it! ”. But, while last Wednesday, the host simply wanted to share an excerpt from his show, he ended up receiving strong criticism of Stéphane.

Defense of Jean-Luc Reichmann

Stéphane seems delighted to participate in the 12 noon shots, and dances while winning against an opponent. But not everyone sees it that way. It seems that every time he wins a duel, he dances. But it shows as provocation and disrespect . However, Stéphane affirms that it remains only joy.

  The 12 strokes of noon
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So, by posting his excerpt from his show, Jean-Luc Reichmann received “ Jean-Luc, you found him where the midday master. If we take away his huge bowl strokes , it's worth nothing . Already 10 tries before a selection and it doesn't shock anyone . Hope he leaves , he pisses everyone off ”. What the host decided to answer. “ Hello Dan. Don't hesitate to register to play with us! Happy holidays to you and to those you love. JLR nothing.. ”. And it seemed well received given the support for Stéphane which started after that .

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