The Bogdanoff brothers: why did Igor and Grichka lengthen their chins?

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The Bogdanoff brothers remain two well-known men mistakenly for their cosmetic surgeries and the mystery surrounding it.

  The Bogdanoff brothers: why did Igor and Grichka lengthen their chins?

For many years already, the Bogdanoff brothers had remained two well-known personalities. If at the beginning, it was due to their many acquaintances, it quickly leaned towards their atypical physique. The two brothers quickly resorted to cosmetic surgery , which quickly put them in a box. However, the two men remained much more than just physical . We'll explaine everything here.

The Bogdanoff brothers, famous French twins

To understand the story of the Bogdanoff brothers, you have to go back to their arrival in France. Both Grishka and Igor happen to remain sons of Russian political refugees. Together they were able to grow up in the south of France. And quickly, the intelligence of these two boys is no longer in dispute. They are gifted and it is known. To only 14 years old, they get their baccalaureate . So they quickly began brilliant studies with a doctorate in theoretical physics and in mathematics , each in his own field. Their interest in science and the desire to deepen their knowledge has always been felt.

Also, from the end of the 1970s, the Bogdanoff brothers started on TV. On the latter, they present the program Time X . Inside, there is science, science fiction and popular culture. At this time, therefore, the twins also become well known for their impressive knowledge, but also for their pleasing physique. He is found in the show in a special ship setting, dressed in spacesuits. And with them, big names were able to make themselves known like Franck Dubosc or Frédéric Beigbeder .

Plastic surgery

But quickly, the two Bogdanoff brothers ended up creating a name for themselves because of their physical modifications. Unfortunately, many French people only remember them because of this. However, they both remain undeniable geniuses. It must be said that even they qualify their appearance “ d'extraterrestrial ”. But inevitably, the difference does not remain well seen. And for a long time, if not all of their lives, they've been the subject of much ridicule.

Thus, we find Maud Guillaumin's commentary on the Bogdanoff brothers. He released the book It was the Bogdanoffs ”. And in it, he seems to state that their operations started before they even turned 30. And the very first seemed good chin. “ A priori, their first cosmetic surgery operation would have taken place at the end of the 70s, before Time X, and it would be a chin prosthesis because they found that their father Youra had a too receding chin. ”.

A deeper reason

But, for those who know the Bogdanoff brothers better, it seems that the reason behind this is aging. Thus, men were afraid of growing old. So they were using surgery as a way to delay that. “ 2005 , they reappear with this huge chin of Tutankhamun that everyone notices. And that, this is the first big operation ”said the author. Others, on the other hand, think that it was a disease called acromegaly. And the Bogdanoff brothers seemed to maintain the mystery.

While it remains the fear of aging or an illness, a friend of the Bogdanoff brothers confessed to one of their addiction. They seemed ' a little bit botulinum toxin addict ”. She adds ' They were doing it themselves. They knew each other perfectly, they knew how to control each other very well, I think. They liked it. They didn't want to grow old they were extremely afraid of death ”.

Source : It Happens Magazine