The doctors prescribe him a painkiller for his back: the final diagnosis is terrible...

modified: 2022-09-14 18:20:05

A patient who had been on painkiller treatment for months is about to say goodbye. What really happened?

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Have you ever heard of l'histoire de Darren Mulqueen ? Indeed, it is the young man who works for the army and who has recently been hospitalized. Apparently, he would have suffered from a huge bad of two for a few days. It has started to deteriorate lately! Therefore, the doctors prescribed him pain medication until the arrival of the doctors. analysis results . Or, le problem turns out to be more critical than we imagined! We explain to you!

The painkiller treatment did not relieve his suffering!

Everyone's fate is unpredictable . You never know what will happen to us tomorrow! This is why we often say to enjoy the present as if it were our last day. The story of this soldier in this article is the living proof!

At the age of 34, Darren Mulqueen would never have suspected that his life was hanging by a thread. This father learned last July that he only had a few months left to live . His state of health worsened with the painkiller he was prescribed!

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Why was he undergoing treatment Pain killer ? To help you understand everything, we will tell you the facts from the beginning. Darren Mulqueen is a very manly young man who has enlisted in the army .

Since last year, his back has caused him a lot of pain which almost prevented him from getting up every morning. He decided to surrender at the doctor . After consultation, he was made to believe that he just had muscle pain. To recover, he had to take paracetamol !

His health has deteriorated since this year!

Admittedly, the consumption of painkillers attenuated for some time its pains . Last March, his difficulties returned with renewed vigor after his return from London. In addition, which caused him to be hospitalized urgently !

The revelations of his sister to the media have increasingly worried everyone. Michelle Vassell claimed that his situation worsened since his first diagnosis. His symptoms were no longer restricted to simple back pain.

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Painkiller: Also, Darren Mulqueen began to lose weight and appetite . He also showed scars and burns back. It was discovered that the father of the family no longer felt comfortable sleeping without a hot water bottle.

What do all these scary signs mean? The young man's family experienced the same worries that you ! That's why they asked to do more tests thorough on his case. The news made his loved ones fall from above!

Painkiller: Darren Mulqueen is living his last moments with his family!

Darren Mulqueen's health has many people concerned. It's always hard to believe that such a strong young man has become a vegetable . All because of a simple back disease!

Especially when you know that the latter has followed his painkiller treatment! In fact, this is his first doctor who made a mistake early diagnosis .

Painkiller: He was always in the dark about the true nature of his illness. Which complicated his recovery! The truth is that Darren Mulqueen has a double pancreatic and liver cancer.

Now it is at the final stage. In other words, he will die soon or maybe he is already dead . Last July, the doctors gave him only 2 months to live!