The Grand Quiz on TF1: how have the rules of the game evolved?

modified: 2022-12-30 23:10:02

A new rule seems to be arriving in Le Grand Quiz, enough to change the game entirely.

  The Grand Quiz on TF1: how have the rules of the game evolved?

The Grand Quiz remains a tele-hook allowing you to earn money by answering the right questions. This game hosted by Hélène Mannarino has been making a comeback on TF1 since last Wednesday. In this game, one can find many questions about the news of the whole year. And especially on the events that may have marked this year 2022. And, it must be admitted that there have been quite a few significant events. But, a new rule may have appeared in the game . The facilitator was therefore able to give answers on this subject. We'll explaine everything here.

The rule that changes in Le Grand Quiz

Indeed, for this new edition of the Grand Quiz, the latter will bring its share of novelties with a rule that will change the game somewhat. It must be said that this rule takes into account the year that has just passed. The host says “ In this difficult year, we need a collective, not 'every man for himself'. There are always 150 candidates from three generations, represented by a pair of personalities. But each category plays this time as a team to win the 25,000 euros ”.

Change for Hélène Mannarino

If Le Grand Quiz is experiencing change, the life of Hélène Mannarino has also seen things changed. In fact, she states, Last January, I started the LCI morning show . And two months later “There was the difficult situation of our eastern neighbors which began. So, ' With Stefan Etcheverry, it was necessary to carry this news thanks to the reporters on the ground. On a more personal level, I changed families in 2022! In September, after seven years on LCI, I joined the family It's Canteloup ”.

And if the host of the Grand Quiz speaks of the Canteloup family, it does not remain by chance. For her, this new team represents something good for her. She manages to find support and a good understanding there. The host states, “ we see each other every day, because they all welcomed me with kindness. We have aperitifs, lunches together… When one is not going well, we exchange. We make each other progress . The show will resume on January 2 ”.

Special editions of the Grand Quiz

Thus, other questions have of course focused on Le Grand Quiz and its deviations. For example, there seems to be the dedicated show for IQ. “ It is a test validated by a psychologist. I have passed it. I got 130. It does not measure intelligence, but the ability of our brain to adapt ”. Just like an edition dedicated to the highway code. However, Hélène Mannarino does not have her license. And when asked if she has her license, the answer remains “ Always not. When I return to Valenciennes, I ask my father to drive me. But I'm a good copilot ”.

The host's other projects

In addition to the Grand Quiz, you could also find Retroscopy on TMC. But, the latter seemed to have had a bad hearing. However, ' Those with Samuel LeBihan and Jean-Paul Rouvé had worked well… We are in discussion, we do not prohibit anything ”. She had also been able to present On the weekend with… And especially the one with Jenifer which had worked very well for him. “ This show totally suits me. It's a crazy human adventure. I would like to do more… With Jean-Jacques Goldman, Celine Dion, Benzema, Mbappe … With discreet personalities because the challenge is important ”.

But, despite all her plans, the host of the Grand Quiz does not forget to also take time for herself and her family. She admits “ I'm going back to Valenciennes with my friends from Paris . I will also take advantage of one of my sisters who lives in Barcelona. And I'm going to take the air in the mountains . I love skiing and I'm taking up snowboarding... but slowly so as not to break my leg! ”.

Source : TV Star