The price of this tax will explode and will undermine your purchasing power!

modified: 2022-09-28 23:30:16

Consider now another way to preserve your purchasing power. An essential tax increase will soon take effect!

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Since the beginning of the year , the problem related to purchasing power is taking over in France. His arrival was only a source of misfortune for the households. In a way enough sneaky , inflation has attacked one by one each key sector of the country. Until you take just one bite! Apparently, the French are not at the end of their sentence, according to the Parisian . What is the reason ? We explain to you!

Purchasing power: The situation is likely to get worse!

The maintenance of purchasing power is fundamental in the development of a country. It guarantees autonomy of each household in the face of difficulties. But for a few months, France does not have this capacity !

Inflation has ravaged everything in its path. Thus, many families residing in the hexagon can no longer make ends meet. To support them, the state has already put in place all kinds of aid . We cite the many bonuses, checks, etc.

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For the moment, it's still too early to claim victory ! So far, none of the strategies implemented to redress the purchasing power of citizens was not conclusive. But this year will soon be over.

Nothing really changed from January to September! According to our colleagues from Le Parisien, we still have to tighten our belts . A bad news which will further darken the lives of the French!

The inconvenience will soon knock on the door of the owners!

yes presque all areas of activity have gone through it , inflation is believed to have just targeted its new victim. According to the journalist du Parisien, his next prey is more accessible than it seems.

According to official sources, it is the property tax that will now experience an increase . Therefore, the owners real estate will have to prepare! Your purchasing power will once again soar before your eyes.

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When will this change take effect? Still according to the same source, this will produce. Among other things, we set the forecasts for January 2023.

We all know it's November the Ministry of Economy negotiate all restructuring required. It seems that this tax will increase by 3.4% for 2022. Of course, it will also depend on the decisions of your municipality !

Purchasing power: The history of the economy is marked forever!

It is to highlight that l’inflation is far from being a surprise for the citizens of the hexagon. Before all these events, France has already experienced this kind of problem.

Only, nothing really insurmountable so far! But this time, the situation is totally out of control . Last July, the rate of price increase had already reached 7% according to INSEE.

However, the peak of this crisis has not yet presented its nose! This means that your purchasing power will be further reduced for a few days!

This is a record scourge among many others . From 2010 to 2020, the property tax rate has already quadrupled by 27.9% according to the UNPI. Faced with this difficulty, taxpayers of this tax revolt to obtain a revaluation capped. In these difficult times, the bad news of this kind have a hard time passing.