The Voice 2022: what becomes of the winner of Florent Pagny, Nour?

modified: 2023-01-11 00:05:02

In 2022, this remains Florent Pagny's protege, Nour, who was able to win the singing show, The Voice.

  The Voice 2022: what becomes of the winner of Florent Pagny, Nour?

The season of The Voice in 2022 could have been marked by the coach Florent Pagny. During this season, the latter declared lung cancer. A disease that earned him chemotherapy. So, during the season, the physique of this coach could change. But despite this, he insisted on staying until the end of the season. A good decision since his protégé Nour was able to win the show. But since her victory, the young woman of only 16 years old at the time of the facts has not been idle . We'll explaine everything here.

Nour, the winner of The Voice

In the last season of The Voice, in 2022, the public was able to meet Nour. And if the public seemed conquered by the voice of the young woman, Florent Pagny too. At only 16, she was able to join Florent Pagny's team. A very good choice of the young woman who will lead her to the final. In the end, she will be the big winner of the season with 56.2% of the vote. This victory will allow him a great leap forward in his career. Enough to allow him to sign a contract with Universal Music for his first album.

But while waiting for this album after her victory for The Voice, the young woman was able to perform on stage last Friday alongside the Christes de la Maitrise de Trappes. And this event quickly gave way to questions behind the scenes. She explained to the Parisian “ It's funny, because every time I give concerts, it is often the same questions that come up: ‘How does it feel to be at The Voice?’; 'How is he Florent Pagny ?’; ‘Is the show rigged?’ But I find it funny ”.

A rising career

Thus, since she won The Voice, the young woman continues to focus on her career. In particular, she was able to release a title called First love and which is a hit on Tik Tok. Beyond that, she arouses a lot of admiration for the new generation of artists who envy her career. At Le Parisien, she declares “ Whether in Trappes or elsewhere, my journey can be an example for some. I too had role models who inspired me in my childhood: I think of Celine Dion , and to all the great singers of this style ”.

But if the young woman was able to succeed as well with the singers, in The Voice Kids or even The Voice, it remains thanks to her unique voice. She also admits The fact of having started at the Maîtrise de Trappes, participated in The Voice Kids, then The Voice, it can allow young people to identify and have a boost to continue to progress ”.

A victory for his coach

It must be said that for Nour, his career in The Voice was quite special. His coach, Florent Pagny, suffered from his cancer but also from his treatment. And yet, he never failed to help him and to continue to fulfill his role as a coach. . So when the young woman was able to win in front of a total of 3.7 million viewers, she did not fail to pay tribute.

After her victory in The Voice, she therefore declared “ It was a goal. I especially wanted to win the trophy for Florent Pagny, not even for me. As soon as I knew I was the winner, I was very happy for him ”. For his part, his coach wanted to thank everyone, since for him it was his last season. “ Nice to end on a high note ”. He also adds “ It is true that in general, it is often the talents who come to explain to us that they had a good time because the people are amazing on this set. Whether it's technicians, musicians, production, all the people who accompany us... Well, I can tell you that this is a coach who has spent ten seasons, I'm in my eleventh year, and I can tell you that's the truth ”.

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