The Voice 2023: a flagship coach of the show will return to upset the show

modified: 2023-01-31 12:09:02

An emblematic coach will return in season 12 of The Voice 2023. He is a great coach alongside the public during the semi-finals.

  The Voice 2023: a flagship coach of the'émission fera son retour pour bouleverser l’émission

With each new season, The Voice 2023 always manages to surprise viewers with incredible inventions. For this 2023 edition, the production announced a super coach who will take part in a decisive stage . He will accompany the public during yours of the candidates who will go to the semi-finals. For this role, the proven expertise of a coach was needed to advise viewers . He will make his apartment during the essential stage of the “super cross battles”. Who is he ? What role will he play? We tell you everything in this article.

Great return of a famous coach in The Voice 2023

For this season 12 of The Voice, 4 coaches will stand with the candidates . These are of course Amel Bent, Big Flo & Oli, Vianney and Zazie.

The coaches are more than happy to be back in the show . This is the case of Vianney who announced:

“I feel at home with the coaches and the production. I made real friendships. Besides, it's never the same thing every year. Talents cause everything to be renewed. »

Zazie, for her part, added:

'It's nice to come back, we're sleeping with a lot of kindness'.

Pascal Guix, artistic producer of the show promises an atmosphere of madness . But unlike last year, The Voice 2023 will not have a 5th coach.

“There were already a lot of coaches…maybe another season. We don't want to put up barriers, ”he explained.

That said, a surprise coach is expected during this new edition . This is of course the interpreter of 'Relax' and 'Lollipop', Mika. He joined The Voice in 2014, contributing to the success of Kendji Girac, Arcadia or the Frero Delavega. He left the red chair in 2019 before returning briefly in 2021 with the All Stars edition.

What is the role of this super coach in The Voice 2023?

Once again Mika will bring his undeniable musical experience in “The Voice”. But this time, his role will be limited to just deciding between the candidates during the “super cross battles”.

He will become the 'Super coach' who will help the public choose the candidates who can advance to the semi-finals . Only 8 will be retained. decision will return to the public with the help of Mika . At that time, there will be no more repechage.

But we will have to wait a little longer before seeing him again in action. In fact, young talents will first have to pass the blind auditions and confront each other.

But in the meantime, viewers probably won't have time to get bored . Incredible novelties await them in 'The Voice' 2023. Matthieu Grelier praised the work of Bruno Beberes, casting director to unearth these incredible talents. Among a crowd of 50,000 attendees, 102 were selected, of which 90% are amateurs .

“We found ordinary people with extraordinary voices,” he said.

News and new battles

For this new edition, the production has planned a great premiere with the “super block” . This is a feature that coaches can use to block each other .

This great novelty in “The Voice” is simple. It gives a coach the power to block a coach from the start of the talent delivery until he chooses his mentor .

Thus, thanks to a 'block' button, a juror has the possibility of blocking another well before the latter has turned. But he can do the same even if his comrade has already turned around. At that time, this coach's chair gets stuck or turns around again . He can therefore no longer speak to the talent behind him.

This is not the only novelty during this new edition. In The Voice 2023, coaches will go “center stage” with their talents during “cross battles”.

“They are the ones who will imagine and produce everything. As they are alongside the talents, there is a tension that will be palpable,” indicated Pascal Guix.

Source : Telestar