The Voice: a first in the show, a talent interrupts in full performance

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Paralyzed in the middle of the stage, A candidate for “The Voice” had to redo his performance. A first in the TF1 music program.

  The Voice

What happened on Saturday May 20 has never happened in the previous 11 seasons of “The Voice”. While the participants of the show passed the test of super cross battles , a candidate was struggling to perform . This passage had made the issue of the One talk a lot.

Moment of panic in “The Voice”

Saturday, May 20, TF1 viewers had watched the last stage before the semi-finals of “The Voice” 2023. The super cross battles went well for most of the candidates except for Dame.

As a reminder, Dame was initially a talent from the Vianney team . The latter had won his cross battle against Elise. During the evening, he had to oppose Benaël, the one against whom he was eliminated during the battles. Now in the Bigflo and Oli team, Dame went on stage to perform a piece by Matthieu Chedid .

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This candidate of “The Voice” has many assets to highlight during his performances. Lady, who is a daily butcher, is especially marked by his atypical and charismatic voice . He was supposed to perform 'La Bonne Étoile' flawlessly on stage, but things didn't go as planned.

While Lady was about to start his performance , the candidate of “The Voice” was suddenly blocked. Overwhelmed by stress, he loses all his means and interrupts his performance.

'I'm sorry,' he said a few seconds after the start of his interpretation.

The encouragement of his coach Oli

Long before he took the stage, Dame had already panicked. At that time, it was Oli who went behind the scenes to reboost him so that he could concentrate for his performance. The young rapper made every effort to ensure that his talent , to him and his brother can give the best.

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In the beginning, Oli first tried to reason with Dame with benevolent words.

“Sensitivity does not mean lack of power, so sing anyway. I want you to feel like a giant stooping down to pick up a flower. This is the attitude you should be in. “he said to the candidate of” The Voice “.

The rapper advises Dame to stay straight and emotional and then let “[h]ir magic do the talking” . His interlocutor did not seem to concentrate in what he was saying. Lady was talking left to right totally in panic. The youngest of the Toulouse pair was more firm while staying in a good mood.

“Please stay focused. Concentrate, close your eyes and get back into it. Close your eyes and shut the fuck up,” he told her, laughing.

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Despite the help of her Coach, Dame still struggled to manage stress . His feeling remains understandable since he is on a singing competition stage as important as 'The Voice'.

Arrived on stage, he could not start singing. Dame then tried to resume the beginning of her song, but to no avail. unable to continue, he admits he can't do it . Fortunately, several seconds later, he managed to sing and seduce his audience.

Saved by the public!

The coaches in “The Voice” were very understanding towards the “candidate”. After seeing that Dame was struggling to perform, they all jumped in to support him. Bigflo and Oli, Zazie , Vianney as well as Amelia Bent came on stage to join him and began to reassure him.

'Don't worry, man,' Vianney, his former coach, told him.

The other members of the jury of “The Voice” also encouraged him, including Mika . The audience even started to applaud. Eventually, Dame starts her performance over from the beginning. This second attempt was a success since he managed to sing until the end of his performance.

Dame's performance won over 'The Voice' viewers. At the end of the super cross battle, the candidate won 57% of the votes, of which 10% come from super coach Mika .

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Thanks to this brilliant score, Dame qualified for the semi-finals of “The Voice” season 15. He thus joins Aurélien, Micha, Arslane, Kiona, Jérémy Levif, Fanchon and Hanna.

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