The Voice: production sets up a new evil rule

modified: 2023-02-20 23:18:05

The Voice: this new “evil” rule which should create tension among jurors. The new season arrives on February 25.

  The Voice: production sets up a new evil rule

The new season of The Voice comes back in force on February 25th. In addition to new candidates and new jurors, the show returns with a brand new rule that is likely to be talked about. Indeed, this new rule risks setting fire to the powder and to create sparks between the jurors who are already fighting hard for their team's victory.

The Voice : a new rule that divides jurors

In 2022, the flagship show had already announced some changes since the famous Zazie made her return among the jurors. In addition, Bigflo and Oli will be there and will integrate the famous red armchairs. Moreover, the two rappers have already participated in the Belgian version of the show The Voice. This time, they are ready for their big premiere on the French show.

The next season arrives very quickly for Saturday February 25, 2023, on TF1. Beyond the new coaches, the show The Voice to me send from review the rules . For this reason, changes have been applied, in particular at the level of a new rule .

Indeed, the beautiful Amel Bent unveiled an excerpt from the show on her Instagram account. So she explained what the novelty was. This new rule is called super block  '. In short, ' it's like the block but more evil “, she revealed.

Sure enough, there was already a rule called 'block'. This rule in question made it possible to prevent one of the jurors from welcoming talent into his team, while turning around. In this sense, the 'super block' goes further. In reality, it is like an evolution of the first rule.

To image the thing and make it understood to the fans of the show The Voice , Amel Bent explained the new rule with an example. “Let’s imagine that the four of us turn around. I love someone too much, but I feel that he looks a little too much Zazie . I let her do her little debrief, I see that there is a little thunderbolt, I 'super block' Zazie and while she speaks, she turns around . “, she imagined with enthusiasm.

Not all jurors agree with this new rule

Amel Bent seems enthusiastic about this new rule and she longs for the moment when she will be able to use it. However, this is not the case for everyone. For example, Zazie, back in The Voice , to ride they are dissatisfaction commenting on the explanation of the new rule of Amel Bent. Indeed, she is not of the same opinion and she commented: “ It's horrible '. A terse message that is enough to prove that she does not approve of the idea.

However, in the following excerpts from The Voice , Zazie blocks her colleague Amel Bent even as she is standing talking to a talent. Moreover, she does not seem to be delighted with the maneuver undertaken by Zazie. But, Vianney will use it in turn against Zazie and the two brothers.

Still, this new rule of The Voice will sow discord between the jurors . Imagine being in love with a talent and wanting him in your team and having your right to convince him to choose you stolen... And given the first feedback, the season promises to be colorful and rich in talent.

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