The Voice: Zazie's secrets about the candidates for the TF1 show

modified: 2022-12-31 01:06:02

This remains with TMC in Restos du Cœur: an air of Enfoirés that Zazie was able to confide in on her album and her career.

  The Voice: Zazie's secrets about the candidates for the TF1 show

Zazie remains a big name in French song. But apart from having a voice, this woman also has a very bubbly personality which gives her a good sense of humor. So, in addition to being appreciated as a singer, it is also her person that many adore . This is also why we can find her on the set of the show The Voice. But, for the occasion of her brand new album, the singer was able to confide . She therefore decided to make revelations in Restos du Cœur: an air of Enfoirés on TMC. We'll explaine everything here.

Zazie, an unstoppable singer

What contributes to the notoriety of Zazie stays his personality well. Of course, as a singer, she no longer seems to have anything to prove. Moreover, she will finally release her new album, Aile-P, the eleventh already of her career. The latter consists of eight titles completing the short format of four pieces already released last September . Thus, on December 24, she was able to address this subject more fully.

One of the first questions that may have arisen remains the choice of the format of the album. In effect, choosing to release the songs of the album on two different dates remains quite surprising . To this, Zazie replies that “ To output songs faster . There is less time between when they are written and when the public listens to them ”. And obviously, the public remains the engine of the singer. Because, at one point in her career, the singer almost stopped her career. And from there, one could wonder the reasons that motivated her to continue. “ By wanting to see the public . On tour, we go through intense periods and then we find ourselves alone in a hotel room. I am not complaining, but you have to have a strong heart to find your balance between the mountains and the void ”.

The meanings of son album

And if Zazie offers an album, he himself carries a message. A hidden meaning or not that the singer wishes to convey through her passion. So, in his album, one can find current topics quite difficult . We hear the name of a controversial man in France, Zemmour , the Russian President, Poutine . But also the solidarity current Black Lives Matter . The journalists of the show therefore asked Zazie if the music should be anchored in the present. For her, ' Hard to escape! There are also songs off the ground, like the ones I do with my brother. But we, the artists, we are like everyone else: we hear the same news, broadcast by the same channels . We are in tune with the times ”.

And speaking of meaning, Zazie chose a cover for her album featuring wind turbines. So, the meaning behind this is still the subject of a question. “ Wind turbines are the ridiculous and childish side . The umbrella has no consistency since the weather is nice! Why is it holed? Let's say that an image must challenge and I like to insert imagination into it . I hold a cup of tea because I love tea. But I'm in survival mode: who takes porcelain in this case? It's second degree ”.

A sometimes busy career with The Voice

For what appears to be a sequel in 2023, Zazie seems to be keen on the idea, but isn't sure about it. Indeed, composing can take time, and requires calm. A calm that the latter takes when leaving the spotlight. And while she sees that as a plus, some think it's still a risk. To which the singer declares that “ Young artists seem to think so, they're wrong . It should be omnipresent in the media. In Latin, media means ' average », it's the way to reach someone . Silence can be one, especially if you need it! We will not be unanimous. But to be convincing, you have to be convinced of what you have done ”.

It must be said that with her role in The Voice, Zazie often seems busy. But that is far from displeasing him. She seems to love her role as coach in The Voice and to be able to discover so many talents. “ It's moving, most of the candidates sing better than me! Sometimes they pick the wrong song, that's where I can come in. We are both coach, artistic director and psychologist! It's the talent that makes the show. It happens, while I am shopping, that I am criticized for having eliminated one! ”.

A childhood already rocked by music for Zazie

So, inevitably, with this interview which took place on December 24, the journalists wanted to know a memory of Zazie. And more precisely a childhood memory of this Christmas period. “ I was 7 or 8 years old, I was on vacation with my brother and my mother in Switzerland. A Benedictine monk knocks on the door: The organist is ill, don't you want to come and play a Christmas mass? He knew my mother played the piano, but she had only played the organ once in her life! She repeated one day, and we went to this unlikely mass . To thank us, they invited us to dinner . It was simple but joyful, family, the true meaning of Christmas ”. Like what, she has always been an artist .

Source : TV Star