These 10 items from the 90s can bring you a small fortune, check if you own one!

modified: 2022-09-18 21:04:01

Take a peek in your attic, some 90s items can be worth a fortune in 2022. Here are a few that can earn you big!

  Items from the 90s

Boredom is knocking at your door though, You do not know what to do to keep you busy? You might want to check your old baseball cards or rummage through boxes in your attic. In effect, many items from the 90s like toys, books or tapes could be worth a fortune today. Then discover without further delay the details in the following lines!

Items from the 90s: These little gems that can be worth a fortune!

If you tend to consult the products sold on the Ebay site , you will probably have noticed this detail! Some american girl dolls or some toys My Little Pony can be worth hundreds of dollars.

But are you aware that the price of the first edition Harry Potter specific can be estimated at around $55,000? One of 90s items that can make you rich if you have it in your possession !

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Furthermore, it should also be noted that the pokemon cards can potentially be worth thousands of euros . And this, depending on the card and its condition. A 'Pikachu Illustrator' photo card, for example, is extremely rare and reportedly sold for $54,970 in 2017.

And it seems, a collector would have been willing to pay the sum whopping $100,000 for the same card. But only, if it is still in perfect condition and authenticated .

The old games of the time that are currently highly sought after!

An extremely rare copy of super mario bros 3 for Nintendo was sold for $30,000. And this, although most copies of the game are sold to surroundings of 15 or 30 dollars.

This particular edition, an integral part of the objects of the 90s, was put on sale at a much higher amount . This is because it is considered an original game. And no, as a simple set with the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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This is certainly a fact that no one can deny. The Game Boys were everywhere in the 90s. And if you still have yours, consider yourself a a lucky person .

Indeed, be aware that these objects of the 90s can be worth a very large fortune . The OG Boy as well as Tetris game that accompanies it could, for example, bring you almost 1,000 dollars!

Items from the 90s: For music lovers…

When you were adolescents , you've probably been listening to this vinyl for a while. This is the famous The Jazz Butcher 33 tours Illuminate . And besides, it is to be known that this object from the 90s can sell for up to 199 euros in 2022. That said, rummage in your attic if you ever have this little gem hidden inside your boxes.

We are in 2022 and Dalida has still not lost notoriety. Proof that a box of his most beautiful concerts is on sale for the sum exorbitant of €299 . These 90s objects include five of the unreleased lives that the famous singer performed in 1993. era that many will certainly like to relive!