These cleaning wipes are very toxic, 60 million consumers alert the French!

modified: 2022-09-22 00:20:01

Cleansing wipes are really handy. But what about its harmful effects for both humans and the environment?

  Cleaning wipes

Cleansing wipes have become common. There are several brands in the market and each brand praises its product. But are they really without risk to health and the environment ? According to the survey conducted by the site 60 million consumers , the wipes are far from being harmless both for humans and for their environment.

Cleansing Wipes: Some Suspected Brands

The website 60 million consumers draw attention to the addiction to cleansing wipes. According to them, these miracle objects cleaning are far from healthy. They were able to test and analyser during their investigation some brands that are attracting special attention .

Twelve brands of cleaning wipes were analyzed. We discover that not only they contain components that are hazardous to health, but they also destroy the environment. We can cite as an example, the disinfectant wipes of the brand Cif, St Marc, Carrefour, Sanytol, La Croix or Carolin.

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These eight products are ranked among the most dangerous for the planet and for health. Why talk about it now? In fact, on World Cleaning Day, 60 million consumers wanted to share with us the negative points of the cleaning wipes.

Disinfectant wipes for WCs and multi-surfaces contain lotions which, in contact with an object, cause harmful reactions. They certainly clean, but they also risk damaging our health.

A catastrophe for the planet, a danger for humanity!

Far from what one might imagine, cleaning wipes are catastrophic. Consumers are, in fact, conquered by their efficiency and rush into their use. And yet, the risks are enormous.

According to the information data recently, the object in contact with a wipe requires a minimum duration of five minutes to allow the components to easily remove dirt. This chemical reaction is essential. That said, chemical reaction is equivalent to chemicals. And chemicals are usually bad for health and the environment t.

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It is also specified that the wipes are not so easy to destroy . They are often non-biodegradable. Which means they stay in the wild much longer.

Their components nor do they disappear the instant they are discarded. So, they risk killing, for example, insects or infect soil components.

Cleansing wipes: Organic and safe

Some manufacturers of these wipes disinfectants try to offer their consumers natural-based products. Especially since they are aware of the risks caused by the latter and for respect for the planet .

There are now wipes that are made with 100% natural ingredients and which are just as effective as those with chemicals. So, read the packaging carefully to choose your organic wipes.

Better yet, for more savings and zero waste , you can use reusable and washable wipes. It takes a little time to maintain, but it's effective and risk-free .