They lose their cat during a barbecue and then make a macabre discovery, it's horrible!

modified: 2022-09-12 14:15:02

A cat has left the home of its masters for a few days. He was found dead in a very strange way!


Wanted poster has been running for some time in Ireland. The interest of announcement is to bring the disappearance of a cat to the public's attention. It's David and Finola O'Callaghan's! The latter want to find him, because they care a lot about it. Only, no result has been conclusive since the investigation! A beautiful day when they did not expect, information reached them !

Cat: David and Finola O'Callaghan are looking for Bella!

Fate has played a bad trick on the couple of this story . Originally from Ireland, David and Finola O'Callaghan have been married for a long time. This is a very happy couple in their life ! Unfortunately, they never had the chance to experience the joy of parenting.

Only these Irish did not feel sorry for themselves. Like everyone else, they changed their parental love into another kind of affection. That towards pets ! So they adopted a cat.

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Once adoption procedures finalized, this couple decided to baptize the cat with a very cute name. So this little Persian is called Bella! Besides, David and Finola take care of her as if it were the apple of their eye.

In addition, they succeeded well in this task because this ball of fur stayed with them for 3 years. One morning, Bella has been reported missing and we never heard from her again. The disappointment was then very great for his masters!

News has been reported to the couple about their mistigri!

After several days of searching, Bella's tamers nearly lost hope . In other words, they did not think they would find their beauty again! At a time when they no longer expected it, a grain of hope invaded their souls.

By going to a festivity , a phone call alerted them to the subject. It should be noted that David and Finola were invited by their owners to a barbecue party. During this event, a secret informant called the masters of this cat.

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Cat: If the nature of this call was to be joyful for Finola and her husband, it was quite the opposite! Why ? Apart from telling them that they found it, the person told them that the cat is no longer. In addition, the persian was abused in the worst way .

Besides, this is what led to his death! Do you now understand the terrible tragedy that has just struck the O'Callaghan family? It is believed that this is the worst misfortune that could occur in the life of this couple.

Cat: Everything suggests that Bella's suffering was caused intentionally!

After briefing David and Finola, the informant told the couple where Bella was. The cat was discovered hanging from the gates of the entrance to the Glentrasna South woods.

According to the animal's mistress, it was appalling to see her in this position. Additionally, she added: 'She was the victim of a horrific, sadistic and brutal massacre.'

How can you do this kind of thing to such an innocent animal? In general, the cat has done nothing to undergo such abuse . Doubts come to the mind of the couple.

Could it be the work of a simply sadistic person? Could it be a settling of scores with them. After careful consideration, they both go for the second option .