This essential to protect babies is the subject of a product recall, it is very dangerous!

modified: 2022-09-20 20:24:01

After the product recall on foodstuffs, it is now the turn of a baby article. Namely the safety barrier.

  product recall

When we use items for the home, we must take into account the characteristics of it. They have to be standard. This could be furniture, but also items that ensure safety. A non-compliant product can indeed be dangerous. Such is the case for the safety barriers for toddlers. They are the subject of a product recall.

Product recall: An article for babies is affected

A new product recall announcement was issued this month. Usually these are the products food which are withdrawn from the market. For this time, it's the items for babies who are concerned.

Indeed, the use of safety barriers for children is not recommended. This represents a danger for them. So be very careful with these items!

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In fact, the situation is contradictory . While the safety bars are supposed to protect babies from falls and other hazards, they also pose a risk to them. These tools are also present in the majority of homes with a baby.

Some place them at the entrance to rooms. Others use them in the kitchen or on the stairs. Note that the product recall is announced in order to guarantee optimal safety.

Why should safety barriers be withdrawn from the market?

Many homes with children use the barriers security to prevent various dangers. This can be the fall of the little ones or small domestic accidents. A product recall concerning them has however been announced.

The cause would be rung spacing constituting these articles. It is indeed larger than normal. Which may cause injury to children.

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This puts the baby at risk of poking his head through the safety bar. Which could cause brain damage to the little one. Indeed, his head could get stuck and his respiration blocked.

Additionally, use of this product recall item could cause a internal damage caused by respiratory arrest. We must therefore do very attention .

Product recall: What is the exact product concerned?

As part of the product recall on baby safety bars, those of brands Ver baudet are exactly concerned. The products are listed in the category Baby-Children, childcare and children's articles. The batch number is 211055112. The references are 1060841001 and 70335-0029-6509. Remember that these products have been on sale since January 2022.

All Ver Baudet stores that sell safety barriers for babies are therefore invited to remove this product from the shelves. Namely in Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and France. People who use them at home are, for their part, invited to stop using them.

You can also bring them back to points of sale for a refund. Note that the procedure could end in December 2022.