This supermarket is the favorite of the French, it is also the cheapest in the country!

modified: 2022-09-24 17:05:02

The French have their favorite when it comes to supermarkets. Moreover, it seems that it is also the cheapest in all of France.


France, despite its economic power, is also suffering from inflation . Everyday product prices are in rise . The purchasing power of the French is also beginning to seriously decline. Fortunately, large supermarket chains think of customers . They therefore make sure to make this crisis less harsh. Supermarkets often offer basic necessities on sale .

Supermarket: The cheapest and the favorite of the French!

To go shopping, buy what you need and spend less . The French are now obliged to restrict their spending. In effect, constantly rising product prices on the market , did not spare the inhabitants of France.

Supermarkets are constantly competing to meet customer needs . In this tough race, the French seem to have found their favorite. Compared to other supermarkets , this favorite store of the French, is also the cheapest in the country.

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The brand diversifies its articles. You can find a bit of everything in the rays . Household appliances, clothing, many accessories and of course basic necessities. The supermarket offers its consumers , a new promotional offer every day. Several products are less than 5 euros . He has reason to be delighted.

This is the supermarket E.Leclerc. The store has been designated the cheapest supermarket in France . It is closely followed by Intermarché and the U store.

Shop on a budget!

Since the various crises, the French have gone through a phase where it is no longer possible to shop without counting . With the price exorbitant prices of certain products, it is now essential to choose well, not only the products, but especially the supermarket .

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We have several supermarkets in France, U, Lidl , Intermarché, E. Leclerc …consumers can shop where they want, but above all according to their budget. Despite their competition on low prices , the French still need to control their spending on groceries.

According to the percentage received, we count in the 7.7% l’inflation on food products within a year. This is starting to weigh on households. Apart, reduce shopping, families flock to promotional offers . This is a better way to save a few dollars for other needs.

E.Leclerc, French supermarket

According the latest Kantar barometer , it was announced that Leclerc is the favorite supermarket of the French. The reasons ? There are many ! The E.Leclerc supermarket is almost located throughout the France . Each store has several departments dedicated to promotion . Every day, it makes various items available to its consumers for less than 5 euros.

The supermarket offers prices, which are considered the cheapest . All the stores Leclerc guarantee their cheapest product. Consumers are often spoiled by many local and fresh products at crazy prices . So if you still have to hesitate to do your shopping at Leclerc, it may be time to set foot there and enjoy of all the advantages of the supermarket .