TikTok: this new feature that the platform will experiment with

modified: 2023-02-04 22:48:02

TikTok is constantly renovating, after the 'not interested' option, two new buttons will soon be available on the platform. Which ?

  TikTok: this new feature that the platform will experiment with

As technology evolves, ways of communicating and sharing are more and more numerous . Social networks and video sharing sites are the most used means of communication today. After Facebook and YouTube, TikTok went viral .

The latter allows you to make funny and attractive videos like a professional. In 2018, it was the first mobile application in number of downloads . To keep these users, TikTok is constantly renovating. Precisely for this new year, two new features will be available . We tell you everything in this article.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video sharing platform . It is also a social network, because you can interact with other users. It was launched in September 2016 by Chinese company ByteDance . The main function of this platform is to view, make and share video clips. To do this, the app grants users create videos with music , for 3 to 180 seconds.

As on all social networks, on TikTok, you can do the following actions :

  • Publish
  • put comments,
  • put reactions
  • Chat in private message
  • Make stories

In addition to these basic functions of a social network, several other functions are specific to TikTok .

The new features of TikTok

TikTok stands out from other social networks and video sharing sites with the following button. Some of the following options are already available , others are still in preparation.

The 'not interested' button

If most social networks are satisfied with the reaction “like” and “I love”, TikTok added ' not interested ' . This option allows users to dismiss the streams of certain videos that do not interest him . Available for some time, to access this function, you have to long press on a video. By doing this, the application will show you two choices: “Add to favorites” and “not interested” .

The “why this video” option

According to an article by BFMTV, published on February 3, 2023:

'TikTok's recommendation algorithm is based on user history, time spent on each video, searches, likes, and interactions'

To work around these suggestions, you can press the 'not interested' button . On the other side, you can understand why such a video was suggested to you thanks to the “why this video” option. The Ouest-France news site, published on February 3, 2023, said:

“TikTok had also announced at the end of December the upcoming creation of a “why this video” feature

A new 'refresh' feature

You have used the “not interested” option several times, yet videos of the same type still appear from time to time . Are you fed up with the videos that TikTok suggests to you? Do your news videos seem to be looping?

To solve all these questions, TikTok offers an option . Soon you will be able to reset your TikTok thanks to a single option . As stated by the American media The Verge published on February 2, 2023:

“The social network plans to allow its users to reset the algorithm, via a new button called “refresh” (refresh)”.

This option allows the user to have new content in the “For you” video category. The idea is to have more diverse videos than those that are automatically offered . When will all these new features arrive?

The beginning of new TikTok features

Among the new features of the aforementioned TikTok, one is already available for all Internet users . The other two are only announced, but not yet functional. For the “why this video” function, it will be available sooner than you think . In a Radio-Canada article, published on December 20, 2022, the TikTok platform said:

“To help people understand why a particular video was recommended to them, we will be launching a new tool over the next few weeks”

Since December, several weeks have already passed, so it will be soon . As for the “refresh” option, The Verge media published on February 2 said:

'Testing of the 'refresh' button should begin in the next few months, and should be available only to a small number of users at first'.

There you go, TikTok launches two new products for the following months .

Source : West France

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